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Legacy Update 3 - Original Updates 11-15

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Originally Posted on September 22, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



Bright City Lights: Welcome to Wrenshaw!


Just as I said in Update 9, where we toured around the rural town of Wetachu, not all of Windemere is suburban sprawl. And today, on the other end of development from rural, we are looking at URBAN! Welcome to Wrenshaw, and the first update where I show a large city in Windemere! Wrenshaw is currently the largest city in Windemere, though for how long nobody knows. With a large downtown core, large outlying residential areas, and a nice (and expanding) canal system, Wrenshaw is a great place to work and/or live. Many sims from other towns commute into Wrenshaw everyday. Without further adieu, let's go see!!


In this first picture we see what has developed to be downtown Wrenshaw. The majority of residences and offices are located here. The canal system in Wrenshaw creates an "island" to which the downtown area sits on.


Over here we are just outside the downtown core, in an area that only just recently cropped up.


Here we see the top (North) of the "downtown island." This area is mostly residential, with commercial offices mixed in. A large park can be seen in the left of the photo.


Here we are in the bottom (South) end of downtown/"downtown island." This area, like the north, is mostly residential. You will notice a small island with high-density condo developments as well.


Here's a close-up view of the heart of the downtown core.


And lastly, here is a night view of Wrenshaw.


And we've reached the end of our tour of Wrenshaw, the first big-city to debut in Windemere. Hope you've enjoyed.



Originally Posted on September 26, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



Windemere Highway Construction: Part 1 (Eastburg.1)


Well, as the teaser I posted a few days ago shows, traffic on Windemere highway can be a wee bit of a jam sometimes. That's why part of the Windemere Transit Improvement plan includes widening many of the regions highway, reconstruction/reconfiguring many interchanges, and the creation of new highways as the regions grows out at a massive pace. Today, we are going to look at part of that highway construction in Eastburg, where some of the worst congestion is. This is a many-part story plot, so stay tuned as things progress.


This picture shows the evening rush hour at this Eastburg interchange. This interchange was designed with the expectation that traffic levels would only achieve about 30-45% of what they are now. Traffic backs up from the ramp to the next interchange.


Here, a few days later, we see the traffic begin to back up as morning rush hour begins. Here we can see that construction has begun, with the construction site at the bottom right of the photo showing through, while tearing the grass up has also begun.


About a week later, we see this. The former roadway bridge has been demolished, and the old highway surface has been torn-up as well. We can see the detour the highway now faces, condensing to only 2 lanes, as well as the detour for the road in the top of the image. For commuters looking to go further than this interchange, they are required to drive north (left) to a temporary road that leads into the next city, and eventually back to the highway.


Many weeks later, motorists are confronted with another detour, differing from the previous one. Now, however, the new overpass has been constructed, along with the interchange. A SPUI (Single Point Urban Interchange) design was chosen. Engineers report the interchange will be ready for opening within the next few (sim)weeks, stating "the ramps need to be connected and paved, the highway extended and the road connected. The hard-stoff for this interchange is over."


The statement by the engineer was welcomed by motorists who have been faced with weeks of construction detours changing, traffic tie-ups and the noise from all the construction. It was especially welcome as the engineer gave that quote the day construction was beginning on the other highwat interchange in Eastburg...

That's all for today; stay tuned for the next Eastburg highway construction update where we see the new interchange in action and, of course, construction on the other interchange. Hope you've enjoyed!



Originally Posted on September 28, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



Windemere Highway Construction: Part 2 (Eastburg.2)


On to more highway construction today! We're again looking at highway improvements in Eastburg, looking at the semi-finished interchange in the last update as well as looking at the construction of another interchange. Let's get moving (because we don't want to get stuck in Eastburg's traffic mess right now!


Here we have the interchange featured in the last update, now open for traffic! This is just before the morning onslought of cars is about to hit for the first time. Retaining walls, landscaping and lighting are what remains for this interchange. Some re-alignement of the roads swerving through the picture will also be completed by the city.


Now we are just West of where the interchange shown off is. This is where, as you can see, the widened highway ends, and goes back to 4 lanes. A new overpass is being built to encourage northward development in Eastburg, and as part of the city's road re-alignment project.


Here we see the interchange we are going to look at today. This is a few (SIM)days ago, just before construction begun on it.


Here we see the interchange a week and a half later, with construction now under way...


As time progresses, we can see that the man-made hill is being ripped up. Plans call for the highway to depress into the ground, going under the road. The current west-bound lanes will be used as a highway ramp for westbound exit/entrance.


3 weeks later, hill has been torn out and the underpass route has been created. As part of this interchange reconstruction, the road is going to be widened to 4 lanes, and continue norht, instead of ending at the highway.


The last picture for this update. This is the interchange a few weeks later. The main (new) carriageway has not yet opened, insteas mororists are being forced to use the highway ramps to travel. You can see the beginning of the road widening to 4-lanes, something that will be looked at in a later update.


In a few updates or so, we will be looking at the finished product of all the highway work in Eastburg; the widening, reconstruction of interchanges and new overpass. Also featured in that update will be the widened road of the interchange looked at in today's update as well as some general development in Eastburg. So stay tuned for that!


That is all for this highway construction update. As always, hope you've enjoyed! Stay tuned for more Windemere highway construction/transit construction updates, and the general development in the region! Don't forget to comment!



Originally Posted on October 1, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



Windemere Highway Construction: Part 3 (Eastburg.3)


Well well, we're back again to Eastburg today, for the FINISHING of highway construction! Yes indeed, residents of Eastburg are in bliss at the near completion of the highway reconstruction project the city. It's been a long road (no pun-intended

:P) So let's go look at the construction finishing up and what the highway looks like now... :)

In the first picture we are at the interchange we last left off at. As you can see, the highway has now been fully extended to 6 lanes, and the new carriage way is open to traffic. The old highway carriageway is now used for the west-bound exit/onramp. You can also see the new east-bound off ramp now open, with the new on-ramp expected to be completed in the near future.


Now we see the interchange almost complete. All the ramps are now paved and open. The interchange landscaping is also nearly complete. New retaining walls have also been installed.


Here is the interchange, now 100% finished. All landscaping is done and the road has now been extended northward. The city also widened the road through part of the city; we'll see that in a few pictures.


This is the interchange from a different angle.


Here is the road now widened to an avenue. A few homes were purchased and torn-down for the widening. The avenue turns back into a turn lane road just to the left of this picture.


This is the SPUI-interchange we saw in part 1 and at the beginning of the last update. All landscaping has been finished, lights installed as well as retaining walls. The area around the interchange has developed quickly, fuelled by the new-easier to travel-on road network.


Here we have the new overpass, part of the city's road re-alignment. The road which now crosses over the highway used to turn 90 degrees and parallel the highway. That section of road is now a used as a new road, creating the intersection in the picture.


In today's last picture we see the new residential developments that has sprung up. This development is fairly recent; and is the first condo-development in Eastburg. These are expected to be only the first of many...


That's all for this update, and for highway construction in Eastburg! Hope you've enjoyed the set of construction updates!

:D We are going to have a look at development in Windemere in the next few updates. Though, with all the construction going on throughout the region, more construction updates are inevitable... :bunny:


Originally Posted on October 4, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section

Please Note: This city magically disappeared from my computer, and as such no future Levi updates will be published.



Welcome to LEVI: Hometown charm. (And home to sprawl...)


What, no road geekery? Gasp! Well, you know, the region's engineers do need some time-off between projects!

:P So today we are looking at a new town to the CJ, LEVI. Levi is a small town of about 4,000. And much to the dismay of residents, it is a hot-bed for sprawl-like development, thanks to being a neighbour to Wrenshaw. It is a popular place for people looking to settle outside of the city. So let's go have a look at the hometown charm, before it dissapears. :P

Here were see an overview of Levi. It is a small town, surrounded mostly by agriculture. It has a small downtown shopping and office area.


Here is a closer view of the downtown area which has a number of small shops and offices. The elementary school serves as a local gathering place, with town get togethers, picnics and other town acivities taking place there.


A more recent development, this is Levi's industrial park. It has fuelled some of the growth in Levi which will be seen shortly. The town's official plan calls for a possible expansion of the industrial park in the future.


This shows the beginning of sprawl in Levi. A commercial plaza anchored by a Food Lion grocery store and shadow-anchored by an Eckerd Pharmacy has recently opened. A new housing development is also seen. Plans call for the expansion of the turning lanes in the intersection shown as part of the growth in the area.


In the last picture for today, we see another one of the new residential "neighbourhoods," surrounded by farmland. But for how long remains to be seen...


That's all for this update. As always, hope you've enjoyed the update; and also enjoyed the hometown charm of Levi (while it lasts

:P)! For those who love road-geekery, there will be more in the future. :)

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