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Legacy Update 2 - Original Updates 6-10

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Originally Posted on September 7, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



Eastburg "Connection" Revealed!


At the end of the last update, I left a nice teaser of construction. Today, what that construction was for is revealed: The Eastburg "Connection." This will connect Eastburg to an eventually-to-be-revealed city. So let's go and see... shall we?

In the first picture we continue from where we left off, with the new roadways now paved.


In this next picture, we find the road interchange (roundabout) now complete, with the horizontal road no re-alligned. The residential street also no longer has access to this road, now instead coming off the vertical road. The connection, at this point is now complete. You will also see a parking lot; this is for the new Eastburg subway station that travels into the city. This was also part of the Eastburg "connection."


This picture shows the Eastburg Connection area with development that has popped up as well as sound walls, lights and landscaping throughout the project.


And that brings us to the end of the Eastburg Connection. However, here's a random picture of downtown Eastburg at night. Hope you like it!



And we conclude today's update. Hope you enjoyed transit improvements in Eastburg to the eventually-to-be-shown city.



Originally Posted on September 11, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



Macoe - MYSTERY BUILDING revealed + more development!


We have returned to Macoe, today. Last time we visited there was a construction site in the heart of the retail maga-plex, which nothing was known about. Today, we see what now occupies the site. We are also going to take a look at ongoing developments in Macoe. So let's go have a look!

Here it is. The construction site that held many secrets. Even as construction progressed, and the buildings took shape, no sim knew what was going in. That is, until the construction was completed. Now a large corporate tower and Super-Target retail store sit on the site.


In this next picture we see a recent condo development. This is Phase 1A.


Here is the area zoomed out. Phase 1B, the beige-ish, yellow-ish buildings, are visible. Also to be seen is another large corporate office building. It is the headquarters to Windemere Development Corporation, a large developer in Windemere and beyond.


In this next photo we see phase 2 of the condo development, a much larger concentration of condos. This part of the development is just down the road from Phase 1 A&B.


And here are a few night shots for your viewing enjoyment.



That's all for today's update, hope you enjoyed it!



Originally Posted on September 15, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



"THE HEIGHTS" in Cranborough.


Meanwhile, back in Cranborough... development continues. Today we are going to look at "THE HEIGHTS"; a new development that will, by the end, feature a baseball field/stadium, commercial shopping/office district as well as condos and single family homes.

And here are the photos of the beginning of the development of the retail area and the baseball field/stadium.


And here is the first residential development in "THE HEIGHTS." Many more homes and condos will follow...


And as part of NAM day (NAM 30 was released today...

:)) the Region of Windemere announced the widening of several existing highways, expanding rail lines, widening congested arterial roads and much more. Here is the reconstruction of the highway interchange in Cranborough, part of the announcement.


That's all for Cranborough today! Stay tuned as "THE HEIGHTS" sprawls through Windemere and the construction projects all over the region begin!



Originally Posted on September 18, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



WETACHU - Your gateway to the country.


Not all of Windemere is suburban sprawl, beleive it or not.

:P Today, we are going to have a look at Wetachu (Weh-tah-shoe), one of the areas in Windemere that hasn't been gobbled up by sprawl. The small town of about 8000 is surrounded by agriculture, which is expanding faster than residential development. Let's go have a look...

In this first picture we see a zoomed-out look at all of Wetachu and the surrounding farms.


In this next picture we see a zoomed in look at Downtown Wetachu. The area has developed upward over the years of the town's existance. It is home to a number of offices, shops and town hall. The Wetachu Train Station is also present downtown.


In this picture we see some of the residential development in Wetachu. In the centre is a 2-hole golf course, maintained by the town. It is a fairly busy place on the weekends.


In this last picture we see some of the beautiful farm scenery in Wetachu.


That's all for today; hope you've enjoyed the nice countryside and small-town charm of Wetachu!



Originally Posted on September 20, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



Marcelona Introduction + Celebration!


Here we are, update 10! Perhaps not the most significant event in a CJ's history, however the timing of this update is perfect. Windemere just cracked the Ben's Top Ten of most active CJ's for last week, thanks to your comments and activity here in Windemere! So, this is perfect timing for update 10, wouldn't you agree?




Welcome to Marcelona! Marcelona is one of the most rapidly expanding areas in Windemere, experiencing signficant single family home and condominium development. This has been fuelled largely by its easy highway access, rail access and general good state of transportation. Let's go on and have a look...

In this first picture we find a concentration of recently developed condominiums. Taking form in 2 developements, the more recent "gated community" condominiums get quite pricey...


In this next picture we see the main highway interchange serving Marcelona. There is also another, smaller interchange further up. This photo depicts the new high-rises that are being developed near the highway. This practice is expected to expand, numerous high-rise development proposals have been brought forward.


In this photo we see the Marcelona Stadium, or Toyota Centre. This stadium currently houses many different sporting events, concerts and the occasional convention. Also visible is the development of commercial and high-rise hotel the stadium sparked, and the large housing development on the other side of the street.


And last, but certainly not least is a zoomed-out view of Marcelona. Don't get too used to it's skyline or how the area looks, massive change in the form of development is coming...


That's all for today! As always, hope you've enjoyed Windemere and are looking forward to more. :D

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Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately I have not been able to locate those trees - I downloaded them some time ago. I am fairly certain, however, they were from the STEX.[/center]

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[font="Book Antiqua"][center]

Welcome to Windemre & Taschereau! Windemere originated from several names I thoguht about, which were mostly random inspiration. Windemere did not come from Windamere dam. Hope to see you around! :)


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