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Legacy Update 4 - Original Updates 16-19

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Originally Posted on October 8, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section


Editors Note: Just to let you all know; Levi, the town in the last update, has vanished from my game and computer. As such, no future updates of Levi will be possible. However, there are other towns very simmilar to Levi which will be looked at, including today's update. So with that out of the way, let's continue on to today's update.



Touring Baufeld


Welcome to Baufeld, a small town of around 900. Baufeld is a close-knit community in Windemere, with very few comings or goings in the past decade. But as pressures rise, will Baufeld be able to keep its close-knit feel? Some say yes, and point to the fact the town has thus far resisted sprawl development. Only one new residential steet is currently being constructed, the first in 14 years. Others say Baufeld will ultimately become just another sprawl-filled town. Only time will tell. So, let's go have a look.

In the first picture we see the industrial park in Baufeld. This is the main supply of jobs in the area, with many small and medium factories setting up here. It has developed slowly over time, and as you can see, 2 sites are currently under construction.


Here is a view further up in the industrial park.


Now we are looking at some agriculture in the area. There is also a medium sized windmill; part of the Windmills that are scattered throughout Windemere.


Here we look at one if the main highways (roads) through Baufeld. A small amount of commercial has developed along the route, including an Eckerd Pharmacy, Petro-Canada gas station and a Tim Hortons coffee shop. Also visible is the towns small downtown-shops/offices strip, and a playing field.


This is a view of most of the residential in Baufeld. The houses in the bottom of the photo are those that were built most recently, within the past 20 years. The town's school is also visible.


This is the first new development in Baufeld in approximately 14 years. There are currently 5 houses that have started construction, 3 more to start soon and 2 lots left for sale.


Last, but certainly not least, is a view of the town where 2 of the main highways meet.


That is all for today's update, the first look at Baufeld. (Heres hoping this town doesn't go missing like Levi!

:P) As always, I hope you've enjoyed this update and are looking forward to more. :)

Oh, hey! Look, there's more...


Stay tuned...



Originally Posted on October 10, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



Windemere Highway Construction: Part FOUR (Cranborough.1) -- Construction Returns!


After a short break, Windemere engineers are back at work in today's update! Today we are going to be looking at part 1 of highway construction in Cranborough. The project will consist of constructing a new interchange, widening a slightly re-routing the highway, possible construction of a new overpass and reconstructing an existing interchange. Let's begin, we have detours to go through... again.


Up first is the interchange we looked at in our last update in Cranborough. Most of the heavy work has been completed; mainly the reconstruction of the highway overpass, and the re-leveling of the ground. The ramps for the eastbound (the bottom lanes) have been moved over, with construction continuing on those.


Here we see the slight choas of highway construction as the highway lanes shift, the highway widens to 6 lanes and the highway ramps have temporary routings. This interchange is expected to remain in this state as the focus shifts to the other end of Cranborough.


Now in the other end of Cranborough, we see construction beginning on the highway windening and interchange construction. The highway will also shift slightly to the left here to allow space for the interchange.


A week and a half later we now see the overpass has been demolished and the highway now narrows to 2 lanes and goes through a detour.


Another week later we see the road approaches (the man-made hills) have been demolished. The approach on the left was taken down to allow for the construction of a new one further back to make room for the highway rerouting. The approach on the right was demolished so that it would not have to be reconstructed at a different time than the approach on the other side of the highway in the future. Also notice the new highway lanes have started to be constructed and the highway detour now extends past the road.


The approached have been reconstructed, and the new overpass has started to be built. More of the old highway carriageway has been torn up.


A week later the overpass construction is now further along. 2 new cranes have been brought in for the interchange construction as well. The new highway carriageway continues its march forward with more of the old routing torn up.


And we reach the end of part 1 of highway construction in Cranborough. As always, hope you've enjoyed this update and lookforward to part FIVE of highway construction in Windemere (part 2 in Cranborough.)



Don't forget:


  • New banners!
  • New look for updates
  • New update format/layout

COMING SOON... :ducky:


Originally Posted on October 13, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



Highway construction continues in Cranborough. (Windemere Highway Construction Part 5)


Residents are stewing as highway construction seems to drag on in Cranborough. Detours, dust, traffic ties up and constant noise are getting to the residents. And there is still a fair chunk of work to go. Let's go have a look at what has been done so far, and what there is left to be done...

In this first picture, we see that the overpass has now been completed over the highway and road paralleling the highway.


2 weeks later we see the new ramps have started construction. The cranes have been moved back, and replaced with smaller cranes. (The editor here had a talk with project egineers about the oversized cranes...



Another 2 weeks later, the elevated portion of these 2 ramps have been completed. Sims are stewing because of the perceived slow-moving progress on this project, and the other 2 ramps.


A full month later, the detour has been closed and the highway sections reunited with the new temporart 4-lane section. The past month had been especially frustrating for sims as they faced changing detours. That, along with no progress on the interchange sims are unimpressed. The project managers commented that the project is indeed on track timeline-wise, and aknowledged the difficult traffic situation. The situation should improve now that the highway has comepletely re-opened in this section.


2 more weeks have passed, and sims everywhere in Cranborough are extactic to finally see progress on the interchange again. The 2 remaining ramps have their elevated sections completed.


Some time later we see that the widening has been completed in this section in Cranborough, as has the highway re-alignment. The ramp stubs have been paved as well, signaling the interchange will soon open. This section of the highway should not have any more majour detours during the project, only the occasional lane closure as the interchange is completed.


In the last picture for today we can see that the road has now been reopened. The access to the ramps remains closed, however. The approached have been completed and now only require the retaining walls. Residents were outraged when a large section of trees were clearcutted for the project. Many residents felt that the trees did not need to removed, however the enginners pointed out it was for the safety of motorists and that new trees would be planted, ableit less densely.


And so we reach the end of another highway construction update! The completion of the project in Cranborough is nearly complete, meaning we will soon see the finished product.

:yes: As always, hope you have enjoyed the update and are looking forward to the next one!

Don't forget the upcoming changes in Windemere!

Check out the second post (home to the future table of contents) for more information!

Changes launch soon... :ducky:



Originally Posted on October 15, 2011

Please Note: The replies section was removed from this update for posting here in the new CJ Section



Highway wraps up in Cranborough, FINISHED product revealed! (Windemere Highway Construction Part 6)


After a very long progress, the highway construction was finished, the landscaping was added and the highway fully re-opened. Let's go have a look at the finishing touches of construction and the final product!

In the first picture, the highway interchange has been completed and is now open to traffic! This marks a major milestone in the project and signals the end of the project is near...


Just down the highway we see that the windening has been completed in this area, and the entrance/exit ramps have their new connections. This marks the completion of the highway windening, the highway is not 6 lanes throughout Cranborough.


A week later we see that preperations are underway for the new retaining walls and the final touches to this interchange. Some ramps need to be widened to 2 lanes while the old retaining walls were removed in preperation for the new ones. The same type of retaining wall will be used; as well as in the other interchange; as the new walls that are standard for windemere highways do not work well for these interchanges.


Half a week later we see that the ramp widening is complete; only the finishing touches remain.


While all this work was going on on the other interchange, the newest interchange in Cranborough received its new retaining walls. The crane has been taken away and construction site/prject headquarters removed.


Approximately 2 weeks later, the interchange is now fully landscaped with new trees and the new lights have been installed. Local residents are very impressed with the look of the interchange with the trees...


Here we have the main interchange in Cranborough completed and landscaped, using the same retaining walls and trees as the new interchange. Trees were planted along the avenue to tie it into the interchange and make the area look more cohesive. Residents approve the change, saying "the area looks more friendly now, and more Characteristic of our town."


And here we are at the last picture. This is the new interchange built over the highway to connect "THE HEIGHTS" development to the remainder of the town. With this new connection, the pac of development in THE HEIGHTS is expected to pick up, increasing the population of Cranbrough by a large margin...


This brings us to the end of today's update, and highway construction in Cranborough. As always, I hope you've enjoyed today's update and are looking forward to more.


The upcoming changes to Windemere are getting closer...

Check out the second post for more information! The changes are launching very soon... ;)


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