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Revolution of all Kinds / Map of Confederacy



Revolutions of all kinds

Red Barons Revolution

This will be the first update on revolution starting from Sexual (2 parts heterosexual and homosexual), Social (Right of women) and Political, that changed the city of Al Garibat.

Gubki District (Lips District) is the oldest Red Lights District in Al Garibat. First founded in 1753, by Admiral Riskovski, which wanted the Sailors of the city to have all that they needed, from food to entertaiment. So the district of Gubki was created far from the city. Here came women and men from all over the Black Sea. From here the great Syphilis Plague taken the city in 1804. The district was seen as the hell and was burned multiple times. But the district grew.


The Al Garibat, was known as the place where you can buy most everything, also humans. 1869 the district was burned to the ground by riots against the Argindian Royalty. It was restored on a new place in 1887 as the city grew and demands for the red district grew. Gubki became the location for prostitution, but also gathered artists and mafia. The 1904 Massacre in the Applebi Bar, was made by the Antolovski Family, which controlled the district. At the killing they killed 16 people, including Mayor of the city, Gabriel Saverski. He tried to fight the mafia and close the district, but at the same made many visits to the Bars and Red Hotels. Only in 1933, was the mafia controlled and destroyed, when multiple venues wore closed and the gang leaders killed.

In 1975, the Hiigaran Government started worring about the growth of the district and of sicknes that it created. Plans on destruction of the district begun, so was founded 2 hotels which should have taken all of Gubki District. But on 1976, the government of Al Garibat, voted on protection of the district and start of programs of re-education of all working in Red District Venues. This happened after the most famous "Show Girl" Peach Rosmiva was brutaly assaulted and her body split in five parts. The attack was made by one of her fans. This created a need to protect all who are working in the venues. In 1981 Hiigaran Confederacy, allowed prostitution. Centers of Re-education wore created to support all who needed to start a new life.

Now Gubki, is one of the most interesting districts in Al Garibat. Around 16% of all comers to the city, are sex tourists. The re-education program helped many to start a new life, like Leader of the Green Party, is the former worker at the red venue. The high mortality of all working in this business was made lower. Also many Art Shows are made here and the district became the modern art center. Largest groups of tourist come here from European and Asian Nations. Now you can see many shows in the city and find many interesting people to talk and have fun.

This is the "Red Baron Revolution" which created Gubki District and more liberal views on Sex. It was a part of the Sexual Revolution, which liberated, women and men from the oppresion of tradition and rules. From here the starts the so called "Revolutions", from Al Garibat, we will tell how the Sexual, Economical and Capitalist Revolutions hit Hiigaran Confederacy, how has it changed it. Next time will be about 1970 Sexual Revolution and Karasem Immigrants, how is this in anyway can connect? See the next update.


Al Garibat Gubki District. Here you can find many interesting Bars, Cafes and Places like "Crazy Horse Paris". Also near is the "Al Garibat Eye" or as many call it "Girl Eye".


Atlantic Plaza, one of the most liberal hotels in the city. It was founded to eat the district, but became one of the parts of the district.


The Gardionz Hall, was founded by Mafia. Now its one of the largest Show Halls in Gubki. Here you can see the best shows in the city. Also you can stay at the hotel or buy an apartment here, for all your dreams.


"Girl Eye" look at the harbour of the city.

And Panaroma of the city.







Hijaran United Confederacy States and there maps. Not including Genoshan Communities, Seranto State.


Slavic Republic of Albion - Capital Pizen - Main Language Hiigaran-Russian.


United Republic of Titanovo - Capital Belogoria - Main Language Hiigaran-Russian.


Capital Zone of Hiigaran Confederacy or Murak Region - Capital Noviji Port (New Port).


Stronghold-Kushan Empire - Capital Litava (Stronghold) - Main Language Hiigaran-Russian.


Argindian Republics - Capital Slobod - Main Language Hiigaran-Russian/Catalan.


Republic of Malden - Capital Varan - Main Language Hiigaran-Russian.


United States of Everon - Capital Fort Nelson - Main Language English - Hiigaran Russian.


Melkian Empire - Capital Geiko - Main Language Hiigaran-Russian, Hiigaran-Mongolian.


Republic of Acirifa and Holy City of Yri-Laim - Capital Teremagma and Yri-Laim - Official Language Hiigaran-Russian and Arabic.


Republic of Asmara. Capital City of Asmara. Main Language English Hiigaran-Russian.


Next update on Nogovicka modern district.


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interesting maps...maybe i would suggest some photo-editing (like a blur or burn effect) to make each province stand out on its own.

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