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FBX Export of a mesh from Cities: Skylines

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I was wondering if its still possible to export a mesh via Fbx from the game.  I wanted to take the FBX files and import them into 3ds max and modify and retexture some of them.    I tried this method on this link but couldn't get it to work at all.  If anyone has a detailed description or link to a movie that works I'd greatly appreciate it.

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that's still the working method, however some in game objects just don't have readable meshes (meaning they remain hidden to the Modtools UI) that means there is no way to access them.

they will be .obj format though. but they won't be a problem going into max

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If you want to dump protected vanilla meshes, it's still possible using unity assets bundle extractor, but you need to know the name of it, which can be seen ingame in mod tools, only problem some objects may be just called Box001 Plane002 etc. so you would need to sift through a bunch of them.

Some older assets can still be extracted using crp parser.

And some newer ones using crper.

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  • Original Poster
  • Hmmm,


    That's strange cause when I go into the asset editor and hit CTL  E nothing happens!  That's why I'm stuck




    Carl Allen



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  • Original Poster
  • Okay I go to m_editprefabinfo and I hit preview and I don't see an export button, only a dump mesh.  But when I press that nothing happens!




    Thanks Everyone




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  • Original Poster
  • Greets,

    I figured it out, the dump mesh button works.  It doesn't create an fbx, instead it creates an OBJ file, and the textures are png's.    It gives you no prompt so you have to look into the following folder:   c\user\admin\AppData\local\Colossel_Order\City_Skylines\Addon\imports. 

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      • By AmiPolizeiFunk
        I only discovered that terrain-party exports are ~4.166% bigger than they should be (terrain-party crams an 18km square area into a 17.28km square mapspace) while I was half-way through making a new Berlin 1:1 map. It was easy to upscale the heigtmap work that I had done (export my cleaned heightmap from the map editor, scale it up in photoshop, re-import it), but I was kinda stuck when it came to all of the work I did on rails and roads. I needed a global function to scale up my rails and roads in the x and z dimensions. Enter MoveIt! export->import and python. 
        A friend wrote this script for me in Python v3 to go through the xml file and tweak the X and Z coordinates. All X and Z values are multiplied by 1.041666
        Here are the MoveIt! XML export files before and after manipulation: https://www.coh2.org/file/16224/moveitexports.rar
        And a pic, showing the perfectly fitting result after the upscale:
        I think this kind of thing opens up some amazing possibilities! Next, I'm interested in scraping tree data from Berlin's databases and creating ploppable MoveIt! XML files from them. This is a bit out of my league tho, but I have the feeling that it can be done. 
      • By AmiPolizeiFunk
        I couldn't be more thrilled that this exists now. SamsamTS has added an export->import feature to MoveIt!

        BRAVO TO YOU SAMSAM!!!!! 
        Imagine how much easier it would be to do a community build! We can trade entire neighborhoods with one another.
      • By ScreaminAbdabs
        I am having problems exporting my 1st model from Blender 2.79b into city skylines. I have followed various you tube tutorials and have prepared the model as follows.
        UV unwrapped.
        Created a basic texture and saved as building_d (model is building.fbx)
        Have set the model origin to the base of the object
        Have set transform, Rotation and Scale with Location,Rotation and Scale all ticked.
        On fbx export I have 2 options FBX 7.4 binary and FBX 6.1 Ascii, I select FBX 7.4 binary.
        In main I have selected objects ticked and a scale of 800, apply scale is all local, forward is -Z forward and up is Y up.
        However, in all the videos I have seen the Apply transform is ticked and just says 'Apply Transform' in 2.79b it is marked !Experimental! Apply Transform ...
        In Geometry I have Apply Modifiers and Use Modifiers Render Setting ticked, smoothing is set to Normals Only, loose edges is unticked as is tangent space.
        In armatures both only deform bones and add leaf bones are unticked. Primary Bone is Y  axis, Secondary is X axis and Armature is Null.
        For Animation I have all options ticked and have no idea if this is needed or not.
        My problem is that when I try and import the model into the Asset Editor in City Skylines I can see the file, but when I click on it there is no picture and I cannot import.
        Clearly I have goofed somewhere, but I do not know where.
        The UV map has separate non-overlapping islands.
        The model is made up of quads and triangles only and had 225 tris (a bit over the recommendation, prob due to its curved roof). If I can get this thing into the game I will be adding a simplified lod.
        I have uploaded the .blend file.
        Have I goofed in the model, can City skylines accept quads or do all faces have to be triangles? The videos make no mention of this.
        Have I goofed on the export? Or is there an issue with the fact that 2.79b has marked the Apply Transform as !Experimental!
        Hope someone can suggest, thanks in advance
      • By Shannanigan O'Crabby
        Hey there,
        So I've got a brand spanking new glitch happening the past couple days when I import FBX meshes into the Asset Manager... and I can't figure out how to fix it.
        For some reason when I import an FBX file, some of the faces are incorrectly UV mapped... but in Blender they look fine.

        I've tried redoing the UV maps on the bad faces, messing with normals... nothing works.
        I've done everything the same way as I always do... I haven't changed anything on my computer or added any new Mods since the last time put a mesh through the Asset Editor.
        Its happening on all the 3 houses I've been working on this week... not just this one. This is just the worst of the bunch.

        Blender did put out an update since the last time I tried exporting (It was on Tuesday I think)... and I hadn't updated it when this started happening.
        I updated Blender yesterday hoping that might be the problem but its still happening.

        Any suggestions on what the freakin' heck is going on??

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