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After a RICO building burns down, Natural Disasters DLC recovery units get stuck "searching for survivors" forever. Both helicopters and trucks suffer from this bug. It will clog up your traffic and permanently break your recovery system. Can we fix this somehow?


IMO, manually demolishing and re-plopping all burned RICO buildings should not be a solution, nor should turning off fires completely.

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Switch to this one, it's the most updated and has fewer issues, though it might still have this issue. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong that it was fixed - or maybe there was a bug in the whole recovery stuff (vanilla) and that's what I remember was fixed. :P If that version also has the issue it might be worth mentioning in the comments on that one. It's sort of a community fix version, so there might be someone who knows how to fix it. I can see it's been reported about a month ago on github for the original mod too, but I'm not sure if @AJ3D is still around and has time to fix RICO.

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    • By Eusebio Ptolomeu
      Let me first adress the very important fact that I'm not a programmer and I don't know if this solution would be viable at all, so perharps someone with a deeper understanding of the game can correct me here.
      We all know about the eternal commuter problem/loop in SC4 (otherwise, you can easily find about it here in Simtropolis). For some people, it's just a minor bug. To others like me, it's a headache. I've seen lots of ways to deal with this problem, ways which I highly recommend to anyone trying to solve it. I have a suggestion for a mod that, if feasible to make it, could solve or at least reduce this problem. The idea is based around SC4 path-finding algorithm, which prioritize the time of a trip over it's lenght. A Sim would favor a long route if it was faster than a short one, for example. So, with this in mind, my idea would be to simply penalize sims for switching over cities. In other words, the act of crossing the border alone should account for an added extra time to the route. This way, a sim would think twice before looking for a job in the next city. Now, I'm know that this idea would bring some problems:

       1- I don't even know if such modding is possible in SC4. I'm trying this suggestion because, after seeing what the NAM is capable of, perharps this idea is not that impossible. I don't know myself, so anyone with a better understanding of the game can answer here.

       2- An amazing thing about SimCity 4 is it's regional playing, where a Sim can live in a city and work in the next one. This mod should no prevent this from happening, it should only prioritize work within the same city

      3- Is it possible for the simulation to separate sims of the city from those ones which came from the border? If so, perharps we could code a mod that prevents these sims which arise from the connection to ever consider another connection too. This would limit Sims to, at best, look for jobs in the next city, and never beyond.

    • By Kto-To
      The bug is that when I want to place any rhw overpass puzzle piece it is not displayed correctly . But it works .

      I have : Simcity 4 delux edition , plugins : NAM v40 , RHW v5 , hole diging lots .
    • By von_Maximilian
      I fell like there is a simple solution to this problem but it is eluding me. In a previous post I was asking for help adding RICO settings to sub-buildings and I now have that sorted out. However, I have this problem where all my sub-buildings included in the RICO XML file are appearing in the UI panel as boxes (see image below). In the XML I deleted the ui-category="xxxx" for all the sub-buildings but that didn't do anything. I am out of ideas. In an old guide by AJ3D he mentions:
      I am not sure how to give procedural placement style to buildings though, or if this is even the right solution lol. Any help appreciated.

    • By von_Maximilian
      So I don't do much modding (or asset creation) except parking lots, but I wanted to try to create a larger farm asset. Now, I can make an asset using the park template, then assign RICO settings to it using the xml file. But if I wanted to add another asset as a sub-building, how do I assign RICO settings to that building? After trying a couple different things, it keeps popping up as a park in game instead of a farm extractor (only the main building is a farm extractor). Any help would be appreciated. Tried searching for an answer but couldn't find anything.
    • By Retep Molinari
      Hey y'all!
      So often when working with prop anarchy, I can't get things to work right. All of the assets start flashing or disappearing at different zooms. Any idea what this may be?
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