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Best way to make a worker town?

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I'm trying to build a town whose singular purpose is to commute to other local towns to fill job spots. Does anyone have advice on maximizing the town population while having virtualy no jobs available in the town? Also is it possible to get virtualy all the sims to fill outside jobs because i tried this before and only got 30% of the working population to leave to fill jobs.

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In short I don't think so no, only a certain number of sims will commute to the other city (the 30% you mentioned). Unfortunately I think this is about as good as it gets. I would be happy for someone to correct me here though as this is something I have tried in the past also...

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I've been researching how regional commuting works and I'll write a guide about it later this week but here are some things I found that should help you out now:


1. The number of commuters you need = the highest shortage of workers of 1 city.

(Cities are not aware of interactions between cities other then themselves. If you have 1 city that provides 500 workers and 3 cities that require 500 workers each you're fine. If you (or another player) is playing any of the cities that requires workers you do not have to 'share' these workers with other cities. If you are playing the city that provides workers though, you can commute to the other three cities and theoretically provide 1500 sims with jobs.)


2. If you are playing the residential city the following will happen: other cities that need workers will send out invisible 'request for workers' dots (similar to water/energy dots) via road to your city at 6:00 AM. Your workers then have till 9:00 AM to get to the other city. (They only need to 'tag' the city, travel within that city is not required.) After 9:00 AM, no more workers will be requested (even if the city in question had 24/7 jobs). Sims can be an hour late for work and still be accepted, but the door shuts at 10:00 AM and workers on the highway will have to return back home without a job.

(Therefore, having a fast route to the highway is essential for regional commuting. Traffic jams can ruin yours sims ability to reach the other city in time. Also city tiles with 1 city entrance with an overpass will have trouble because the overpass is a 2-lane choke point!)


3. As you can understand based on #2, getting large amounts of sims to commute using only the highway is impossible.


4. Regional busses help a lot. You need a Bus Terminal in either city and at least 1 busstop in the other to form a connection. I haven't researched this part yet.


5. Train stations and passenger ferries seem to work like wormholes to the other city provided the other city has a station/ferry as well. Not sure if airports do the same.


6. Building several train stations/ ferries seems to be essential to making a succesful commuting city. The key to a commuting city is to make sure every sim can get to another city before the doors close at 10:00. If you are having troubles, study the behaviour of the workers that don't manage to get to work and see what is going wrong. 


Hope this helps! Later this week I'll probably write the complete guide.

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Well, I can already disclaim some of the things I've said earlier. I've been unable to replicate the same region as I made yesterday and I've seen so many unexplainable things, I don't think I'll be capable of writing a guide any time soon. :(


Number 1 is defenitely false. According to Perablenta on the EA forums, commuters get destributed equally on all cities that require commuters just like power and water. I seem to remember getting more workers but I can't reproduce it so I'm stumped.


Number 2 is also false: your city DOES detect whether there are 24/7 jobs. So it will send out a request for work at 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM. If a city only has dayjobs it will not send out any request at night, so maybe I got unlucky and excidentily only spawned dayjob shops while testing. Note that the number of jobs you see in the region view will count jobs that have a day and night shift twice. So a windpowerplant (10 jobs at a time) creates 20 low wealth jobs.


I hope people who know more about regional commuting will post here, because with glassbox's complexity it's very hard to see what are bugs here and what is working as intended. I'll see what more I'll find out experimenting.

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EA is perplexing me on this.  Its like they want our towns to interact with each other... but not. 


The latest patch pretty much insisting we add at least some industry to a town to support commercial (even if you're building a resort town) feels like a step away from multiplayer, and you should be able to create a "workerville" but can't.

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  • Original Poster
  • I'm making progress: I've got my resident town up over 200k with 6k needing jobs. In my town that focuses on mining which has virtually no room (Hickory Ridge) the commuter sims seem to keep increasing as i put down more jobs for them. They however only fill the buildings up to the point where theres enough working there to get it running (which i'm perfectaly fine with). This map is horrible btw, theres no way to have a bustling resident population and mining spec factories here, it's why i wanted to get a resident town up and running to fill the job spots to save room. With luck i can hopefully get all 6k to come here in Hickory Ridge to work. Also getting a road up this nightmare of a mountain took over 100k of simolians of trial and error to pull off, though it looks nice looking at it now.

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    I made a region with RCI split between 3 cities, each connected by rail, bus and highway. I noticed the following:


    Freight seems to work ok-ish.

    - In Freight-Town the factory trucks move to the neighbouring city and drop their stuff off like it's a trade depot.

    - In Shop-Town I can see freight trucks spawning at Freight-Town every hour and then driving to my city and deliver goods.

    Some weird things occationally. Freight also leaves if there is little demand flooding my city with trucks. Perhaps regulating it's export with trade depots in Freight-Town might work?


    Shoppers work perfect.

    - In Shop-Town they arrive by train/bus/car and plunder my stores. Profit is very high.

    - In Home-Town shoppers commute out of town 24/7 and return with happiness.


    Workers work horribly!

    - In Shop/Freight town I have this problem: C and I start refusing workers as early as 7:00 AM. Commuters ARE arriving there but they get turned down and return back to Home-Town with no money. Many C and I refuse workers even before they are filled up and are forced to stay closed the entire day. Shouldn't workers be accepted untill 9/10 ish?

    - In Home-Town it's the same story. Workers commute out but shortly after return with no money.

    Initially, Home-Town exploded due to all the happiness shoppers where bringing back. But with no workers returning with money things go south.


    It looks like a bug to me. Is this what other people are experiencing as well?


    Maybe my sims are just purposely trying to mess with my head. I had a utility city with first a water pumping station, then a sewage treatment plant. Sims commuted in, Started working in the water pumping station because it was the closest. Then suddenly all of them quit their job and took one and instead took a job at the sewage plant. What in the world?! Did they look out the window and think: "OMG why am I working at a boring water pumping station if I could lead the glamours life of a sewage worker!".

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    Haha, hopefully that last issue you mentioned will be fixed with patch 7, as then they won't all see that place at once and all try to claim it...


    I think I'll try a 3-city interaction like you described above: Freight Town, Shop Town, Home Town. I wonder if it depends which one is in the middle?

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    After initial tests, I'm having very mixed results. My "home-town" is extremely happy...most people have jobs and are getting their happiness from shop town, but a few parks farther away from the train really helps.


    Shop-Town is a mess. If I build more than about 5 or 6 shops, they can't stay open. Even though there's 100's of workers next door, they don't commute in, or they take too long. I've noticed they get rejected a bit before 9:00am, before most shoppers arrive.


    Freight-Town has a lot of the same problems as Shop-Town. Even though there's PLENTY of workers, I can't build many factories or else they close down, because they eat each other's potential workforce. The commuters don't take the train into Freight-Town for whatever reason, but LOVE the bus depot. It seems the train is dominated by shoppers going to Shop-Town. Industry seems to accept workers for a few minutes longer, pushing right up to 9:00am, where as Commercial stops around 8:30/8:45.


    I'm going to try a few more things. Maybe designated trains for both Freight and Shop. I'm definitely going to plop a bus terminal in Shop Town, as it seems to bring in more commuters than simple bus stops. My goal is to be able to build a lot more industry and shops without having to build many more houses; there's PLENTY of workers, but they're just not traveling. I also wonder if a small "emergency" workforce would help in each city; a strip of houses in each city so that at least SOMETHING will always be open?

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    Alright, here's my short story:


    Welcome to Dullsville:
    1 Wind power plant
    Water/Sewage utilities
    3 Factories
    5 Shops
    162 Sims

    Step 1:
    - I have removed the powerplant and the factories from Dullsville and moved them to a new city tile.
    - I have 'jumpstarted' the city by zoning lots of residential, then when the sims occupied their jobs, I removed their houses.
    Freight trucks leave the factories every hour, but most of them come back immidiately. However you can see this freight truck moving to the other city. This is working as intended, after all I have far too few commercial in Dullsville so my factories can't ship all their freight. Let's pretend I did this on purpose,

    Dayshift is over, sims are leaving work and leaving the city tile.
    And new sims start entering the city at 7:45 in response to the workers leaving. At 9:00 no more new sims are arriving. Everything is filled up with 8/9 workers which is enough to work. (BTW. one of my factories went broke due to lack of freight.)
    Ok, so Freight Town is working as intended right now. Let's go back to the Home Town part of Dullsville.
    Alright, according to my region view, Freight Town has 80 jobs. 3 Factories and a Wind Power plant. That's 40 day jobs and 40 night jobs.
    When the first 6:00 hit's my sims commute to Freight City. (I guess I was right that the game doesn't recognize day/night jobs and will accept sims at both opening hours.) But will they be accepted AND return with money?
    Excelent! My sims are accepted in Freight City and here comes the exodus back with all the money. Money in the first house is increased from 11 to 12.
    So I have 72 commuters. All of them leave and come back together, so they are doing both the night and day shifts at the same time. :) Obviously, each city is a black box to the others.
    Again this is working as intended. Wow, different result from last time for sure!
    Alright, I removed commercial from Home Town. Here's how I jumpstart the region with enough workers.
    Shoppers arrive all day long. I don't think I have ever had trouble with commuting shoppers.
    Aaaand, here's the problem. Almost all my workers get refused for being too late, even though it's barely 8:00. There where certainly enough commuters entering the city, but they were leaving just as fast saying they were fired. All the shops only have 1 or 2 workers, which is not enough to open shop and thus they get no shoppers and no profit etc.
    This guy is the shop manager isn't he?


    Freight Town is obviously going broke with no places to ship freight, but at the same time, it's also starting to refuse workers. Home Town on the other hand, is still sending workers out. Both to Freight Town and to Shop Town and they are returning money. I recall seeing shoppers commute as well later on, but I'm not sure anymore.
    In conclusion:
    In this test, commercial (and later on industrial) refuse commuters far earlier then they should, making relying on large amounts of workers from another city impossible. Other tests seem to show that if the city already has a number of workers, it accepts commuters easier. Shoppers seem to commute just fine, because shops won't refuse them for being late. Seems like there is indeed a bug in the accepting of workers from another city. I've had varied results with sending out workers and varied results with freight (both ways). Can a commute town work? I'm not sure yet. 

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    I continued my explorations on this, as well. I found that in my Shopping town, commuters who arrived via bus got rejected well before 9:00am, while people coming in via the train were accepted up until 10:00. Not sure why that is...


    Also, in my Home town, people would NOT take the region bus for the life of them. The would enter, wait a second, and then leave immediately. Thus, all those people's happiness gradually decreased. It appears the train is the preferred method of commute, to the point that even if there's a region bus station across the street, the sims will try to walk all the way to the train station OR they'll enter the bus station then immediately exit and head for the train. Very odd...


    I also noticed that in my Shop town, the freight truck would continually go to the first two shops it encountered, but never turn the corner and visit the other three. Demolishing the two and putting all 5 shops together helped.

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    After my final tests here are my conclusions about regional commuting:


    - Shopping works perfect in my tests.

    - Cities receiving freight get unreliable shipments (sometimes too much, sometimes too little).

    - Workers arriving from another city are refused far too early. You cannot rely on other cities to deliver you workers.

    - Workers leaving your city to another city for work works partially. Some of them are commuting succesfully, others don't recognise the need to commute to another city and walk around aimlessly. Possibly caused by sims who first try to find work within the city. If so, the next patch should fix this.


    All-in-all, a few bugs that need to be patched before a worker city can work reliable I think.

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    I don't think this game functions properly as a solo game.  Something isn't connecting the cities correctly the way it works with active neighbors. For example,


    City A = workers

    City B = Jobs


    When playing City A, workers have no problem commuting to city B.  But playing city B I get very little(if any at all) workers from City A.  I don't typically have this problem when I'm playing with neighbors that are online and active.  If they have the workers available, I can immediately start up a freight town and they flood on in to fill the jobs.  I can't get these same results on my own in a solo region.  


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  • Original Poster
  • This may be a bit late but from many tests I found a great way to set up a worker system: First I make a town where all their typical needs are met so they can grow. I keep doing this until the density now always is at it highest so new buildings skip to the top. I then bulldoze all the commercial and industrial buildings and replace them with more residential buildings while making sure there's plenty of varying land values. That now becomes my worker city that sends massive amounts of workers to neighboring cities with the need, more need more workers show up. My mining town has virtually no residential houses, but still gets plenty of workers to make the make the mining towns economy rolling.

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    I've done another commuter test a while back. In this test I had all the HQ buildings as job sinks and had a 200.000 commuter city. In the job city, the jobs didn't close as they did in my previous test and things worked fairly good there.


    In my worker city, trains started kidnapping workers and never bringing them back. I also had trouble with a High Density building which sucked up all the workers coming home even though it's money was already maxed and thus was wasting worker money. Because of all the kidnapped people, the city eventually was empty. I buldozed everything and when it rebuild it had people again.


    It was both completely broken, yet functioning for short periods all the same. Intercity commuting has many different bugs and problems associated with it, but can still work if you try to work around it.

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