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This thread is now shut down. I am restarting with a brand new region.

-NOTE: I am new here, so this is my first post. Critism and comments are appreciated.

Mods Used: Police station mod, fire station mod, hospital mod, Bank of Simcity Plaza, Super Ordinance mod, and NAM mods. All mods came from Simtropolis.

Update 1: Post-Apocalypse Era


An overview of the region before the First Era.


An early view of Queens before the First Era.

The story of Fairview begins years before the region itself was founded. Before Fairview, the sims were originally from another region on the other side of the Abyss. The Abyss is a huge, bottomless trench that divides the Simcity universe in half. On the east side of the Abyss is where most of the sims lived. There were huge cities, filled with skyscrapers and huge commerial centers. Factories lined the coasts. Agriculture was to the north, industry to the south. Everything was perfect on the east side. However the west side is a land filled with darkness. Monsters lurk in the shadows. However to the north of the west side lays large amounts of land that have been undisturbed since the beginning of time itself. Then one day...something happened. A massive imbalance in the Abyss trigured the worst disaster the east had ever experience. The disturbance caused a huge earthquake, felt over the entire region. Lava was thrown hundreds of feet into the sky, and it came raining down on the east. The horrors continued for years. The east was left in ruins. Smoke and fire covered everything. The survivors, numbering a few thousand, came out of the trenches and proceded to find a new home. They managed to find a way across the Abyss. They left the east behind, and proceded to the undistrubed land in the north. They were led by a man named Korson, one of the survivors who took charge of the group. After weeks, they finally reached the land. Korson declared the land to be called Fairview- a place of hope.

Construction on the first city in the region, Queens, quickly began. The sims took from what they had learned in the east and used it to build high-rises and skyscrapers in the west. In the upper part of the region, construction on a huge tower began, the Bank of Simcity Plaza. It would have 99 floors, and provide 8000 jobs. Construction was completed 5 years after the Sims arrived. Korson was pleased, but had the name of the tower changed to the "Korson Tower", in honor of him. He also had a statue of himself built in the upper areas. The First Age was beginning, but the Sims didn't know that Korson's rule was about to take a deadly turn....

UPDATE 2: The First Age begins with a booming start


Queens at the end of the First Age, 12th year CE

Queens had become a boom town. The few thousand sims that had come to the region quickly multiplied. The Abyss had also been quiet for a long time, and the usual earthquakes and meteor showers stopped. The city now has a population of over 40,000. Hi-rise skyscrapers, apartment buildings, and commercial centers can be seen all over the map. In the north is the small industrial district, which is also booming. However, job problems quickly became a reality as more and more sims arrived to the area. In response to this growing crisis, Korson ordered the construction of four more towers with the same design as the original Korson Tower. The towers were complete within several years, and 32,000 jobs were provided to the sims. The stock market and a convention center followed this boom. As the job problems gradualy went away, Korson ordered a second statue of himself to be built. In the 11th year CE, Queen's first airport was finished and opened for business. Korson gave the airport orders to travel over the Abyss to rescue sim survivors still on the east side. The airplanes carried out the very dangerous missions, and managed to rescue 3,000 sims still trapped in the trenches. After these missions, the pilots were given the Fairview Medal of Honor for their bravery, and a small parade was held. Meanwhile, the economy continued to boom, and the Queen's treasury had went over 1,000,000 simoleons. The Second Age was starting.

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Just a simple advise for the airport, put the airport somewhere that the terrain simply flat for semi-flat and make sure it is not interfering with the building and the airport must be away from the city center to be at least realistic. Just sayin.

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It looks like you are off to a fast start. I would recommend that if you are building on hilly terrain to conform more to the contours of your land and less to a grid. That will make it look more natural.

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  • Original Poster
  • [..sorry the long wait. I haven't had time to update it, but I've still been building the city...]

    Update 3: Queens Destroyed!


    20 years later. The city was a metropolis, with towering skyscrapers, a huge airport, and giant commercial centers. That is, until another massive disturbance happened in the Abyss. As you know, the Abyss is a straight, narrow bottomless pit that divides the east and west side, but scientists in Queens discovered that the pit was getting bigger. An eruption was near, and it indeed happened. The disturbance triggered a massive earthquake that could be felt all over the surrounding areas, and the ground beneath Queens started to sink in. From the Abyss also came meteors, which impacted the city, destroying skyscrapers and buildings, and killing thousands. Several volcanoes popped up also. In the end, Queens was decimated, shrunk from a booming metropolis to a barren wasteland. Rebuilding projects have begun. Mayor Korson fled the area, but his helicopter was seen going down after being struck by lightning. His body was never found. Roads are being reconstructed, debris cleared, and pipelines being reconstructed, but most feel the city will remain abandoned. Meanwhile, some sims are seeking to know what lies pass the Great River to the north of Queens, but little did they know it would be a landmass of opportunity....

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