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Memorable SimCity 4 Milestones


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  1. 1. What are your most significant SimCity 4 milestones?

    • First profit
    • First notable medium density development
    • First notable high density development
    • First major civics reward
    • First major city to reach a spectacular population
    • First region to reach a spectacular population
    • First city/metro area you're genuinely pleased with
    • First spectacular budget
    • First 'completed' region
    • First successful implementation of a major game mod
    • First city reaching an old age
    • First traffic jam demanding a transport network upgrade
    • Other
  2. 2. How many significant milestones are you close to?

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I mean things like:

- First profit

- First medium density development

- First high density development

- First jammed major road

- First region with 1,000,000 sims (or any other major population level)

- First city center with 1,000,000 sims (or any other major population level)

- First major civics reward (starting by the city hall)

- First region map to have all usable city plots settled

- First successful adoption of some big game mod

- First city to look genuinely aesthetically pleasant

- First budget to reach some great profit level or great savings level

- First time to have a city running for some rather large date

- Other

At this point in my SimCity game career, I'm just 11,000 sims short of having my first million inhabitants city--the city center is right now at 405,000 inhabitants; meaning I may have my first city journal in a few weeks. It's interesting how the main city has been growing, up to the point that I celebrate when low wealth residential of high density reach my city (the rich folks build ivory towers that then blacken after a while, so it's not worth seeing them come and go so soon).

I'd like to know about yours and how did you feel when reaching them.

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Major milestone is that I've been playing this game since it came out. I have achieved most of the goals set in your poll, but consider them rather trivial now. Currently, I am developing regions/cities using Pegasus productions custom content. This is very well thought out and coordinated. Currently, I am using:

├── CDK3

│ ├── Blackies Boat Yard

│ ├── Capt Jacks Landing


│ ├── Coast Guard Station

│ ├── Marina

│ │ ├── 1x Boat Storage

│ │ ├── Boat Ramp

│ │ ├── Chandlery

│ │ ├── Dock End

│ │ ├── Dock Extension

│ │ ├── Docks

│ │ ├── Guest Services

│ │ ├── Parking Lot

│ │ ├── Sport Fishing

│ │ └── Yacht Club

│ ├── OWW2

│ │ ├── Annabellelin

│ │ ├── Beach

│ │ │ ├── Beach Hut

│ │ │ └── Restrooms

│ │ ├── Blackbeards_Den_OWW2_a

│ │ ├── Captain Nemos

│ │ ├── Ferry Landing

│ │ ├── Fishing Pier

│ │ ├── Food Court

│ │ ├── Fountain Plaza

│ │ ├── Lighthouse Museum

│ │ ├── Observation Deck

│ │ ├── OWW Transitions

│ │ ├── PierSet

│ │ │ ├── 1x Boat Dock

│ │ │ ├── Arcade

│ │ │ └── LifeGuard Tower

│ │ ├── Police Station

│ │ └── RCI

│ │ ├── Corner Lots

│ │ └── Pier Fillers

│ └── Ship Pack 1

├── Christmas Dev Pack

├── MTP


│ ├── ZZZ-MTP

│ └── ZZZ PEG Facelift Mods

│ └── MTP

│ ├── MTP MM0 Pine Trees

│ ├── MTP MM1 Pine Trees Clusters

│ ├── MTP MM2 Scrub Brush

│ ├── MTP MM3 Forest Flora

│ ├── MTP MM4 Old Pine Trees

│ ├── MTP MM8 Forest Scenes

│ └── MTP Tree Mod

├── Seasonal Woods

├── SPAM

│ ├── SPAM_addon

│ │ └── SPAM_abcvs

│ │ └── Ploppable Fields

│ │ ├── Diagonal_Crops

│ │ ├── Diagonal_Trees

│ │ ├── Single_Crops

│ │ └── Single_Trees

│ ├── SPAM_Core_Lots

│ ├── SPAM_Mod_Main

│ └── SPAM_Super_Resource_Pack

│ ├── SPAM_Crops_Resource

│ ├── SPAM_Resource

│ └── SPAM_Textures

└── WaterMods

└── Brigantine

With more to explore.

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When I began playing, I had one milestone in my mind: getting a city populated by one million Sims. I reached it, pushing the game to the limit, plopping commercial skyscrapers to make more jobs available and I felt good. But the city was a complete mess. It was one of my first "serious" cities, a concrete jungle, deficiently planned, and with not very good conditions of living.

Then it was when I thought that there was no point in getting one million Sims in a city if they cannot be confortable living on it (1,000,000 in/16 km^2 = 62,500 in/km^2; which is roughly 20,000 in/km^2 higher than Manila, the world's most densely populated city in the world according to Wikipedia). This is why I've never attempted again to get a million sims.

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I started playing more seriously in 2010 and made a city where I got tall buildings and more. My milestone was getting taller buildings and getting 1,000,000 people. Then the stupid computer crashed and I had to restart. Then I tried again and got it, but the city was so hideously planned out I did not want to play anymore. So I downloaded stuff and then wanted to make some boring suburb that was damn ugly I ended up flooding it then burning it to the ground and saving.

This is what one of my milestones is, this is the first city I am pleased with, I can't stop messing with it:


Don't bug me with the HUD thing, I learned how to take photos with it hidden, this is before I did.

Now, my milestone is more serious and I finally got a city I was pleased with, Charlotte, GA, with everything being of highly rated custom content. My next milestone is my CJ city named Charlotte-Vancouver to have everything, A banking skyline with MNC being the tallest building if Scotty doesn't release St. George or if it is too tall. I plan to have the whole region done realistically to East Coast standards; tall trees, no boring grey stores or streets, no Maxis content at all, and I will need to BAT my own houses to use with Mattb325 and CP, then surround it with scattered towns and mountains far in the distant based on the Blue Ridge Mountains. While I will not build until I've BATed like 50 houses for me to use, I plan to plop almost everything yet keep a natural look and history. I just need to learn how to have my separate commercial areas as well as residential, me BATing diagonal 2x2 houses will help me have some of the most realistic suburbs. While I am like 2 months from building, I got everything thought up and NAM will help me since I will not have to have commute problems.

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  • Original Poster
  • Now there's a bit of an update for my milestones now:

    - Reached the 1,000,000 simcitizens in the now named Río Platino Metropolitan Area

    - El Centro (city center of said region) has reached 452,000 inhabitants

    - Founded another dense city that's still undeveloped--Puerto Ensenada. I got it broke by overbuilding, managed to get it to positive finances with two $200,000 loans, 3 business deal structures and a small overtaxing period. Now it's on the way to expand in all possible ways, especially upwards (ca. 136,000 inhabitants and with a strong industrial base).

    I now need to found the last big city plot, then develop these two (and a few others with lots of room left) to then start the rururbanization process.

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