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Is Simcity just too old for my computer?

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  • Well, as most of you know, I finally got Simcity 4 to work ever since that horrible update to my computer (in other words, I got a whole new computer chip, new monitor, and basically new everything... so I guess you could say it's not an update, but a whole new system.)

    Anyways, as soon as I got the new computer, I tried to play Simcity 4 after I installed it, but it wouldn't work anymore because I downloaded Catalyst 6.4 and I was told Simcity 4 stops at 5.8 and it work any past that. But then none of my other programs can run without 6.4 or lower (and now, I'm running on a 6.5).

    So here is only one of many problems I'm having and some are so strange, I can't even get an image of them because it involves some weird stuff going on when I simply move my cursor!

    Here is my first problem:

    - Everything is like... pixeled! From the trees to every singly building... all the quality is terrible. Promise, it's not the quality section on the game where you have like low, medium, and high (most of them are set on high... and I've even tried to see if it works with medium). It's just something else... like some odd anamoly.

    Well, here is a picture:


    (And no, it's not the image. It is actually the game. Look how blury that is!!!)

    I'll ask problem two probably tomorrow or Saturday.

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    the game does not seem to like the advanced features on newer graphics cards, such as AntiAliasing and AnisotropicFiltering. i would suggest that you disable those features while playing the game.

    i would also suggest that you download the OmegaDrivers from www.omegadrivers.net. they're modified versions of the original and have been known to solve certain problems when ATI has been unable to. also, the OmegaDrivers come with a handy tool called ATI Tray Tools. with it, you can set a certain DirectX profile for SimCity that has all advanced options disabled, while setting a different option for your other games.

    post details of your system though. what processor, graphics card, etc. they may help out with solving the problem.

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    I am using drivers 6.1 without any problem and i am going to install 6.4 soon. Set up the Driver to use the aplication preferences ite the options within the game/app.

    check the resoulution you are running in runnit at least at 1200 x 1024 you should be able to handle it no problems hell ,my R9600 handles 1024x768 excellently

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