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  1. Jason's BATs & Tutorials

    GREASE! pretty please...Grease is my favourite musical of all time...I don't mean to beg but WOW! IMO Grease would be perfect. Jamie
  2. Jason's BATs & Tutorials

    Bladerunner would be cool...I'd also like Vanilla Sky (that movie is AWESONE). As for bands...I like all your choices, we have a lot of the same tastes...maybe Keane also? Jamie
  3. SmalltownUSA Pit and Balcony Theater

    Totally awesome (as usual :P) 10/10!
  4. SmalltownUSA Smalltown Muse

    Awesome as usual :) 10/10.
  5. The Custom Member Label Club

    Just a note: I'm following the Lost Experience too. Retrievers of Truth!!!!! lol And as of date, I still haven't found that clue. I'm still searching though... Jamie
  6. The Custom Member Label Club

    Thanks for adding me Micah! As for beebs...shh and you too, sloppet! Also, I love KT3's new CL. Hilarious and very fitting! Jamie
  7. The Custom Member Label Club

    You're forgetting someone Two Trixie awards, an annuarian, over 2800 posts...I wonder... Great list, though. Always interesting to see who gets rewarded with the honour of a custom label by the higher powers Jamie
  8. TM Housing

    You crack me up Barbs :) Already, some people don't get the joke. Like Nicolai said (although a little more condensed) LOL!
  9. The New Staff Member Welcome Thread

    Nah, I think VT still has that record...like 3 months or something gross like that. Jamie
  10. I don't know if anyone's noticed, but onlyplace4 is our newest moderator! I don't see his name on any mod lists yet, but I'm sure he'll be out locking threads in no time Post your congrats here! Jamie Sorry to barge in on your post RHF, but I am changing this thread to a general 'Welcome' thread for new staffers, instead of having someone create a new thread every time someone new is hired. ~89
  11. Chase Tower XL by FlibbidyFleu

    Ard, in case you didn't know, BSC started making mega lots a while back...and Barby even posted how to on the STEX. I don't know if the file was lost in the transition to 5.0, but it should be somewhere in her collection. Just noting that for future lots of yours, which are hopefully excellent like this!
  12. Three Rivers Region

    Well, I figure I owe you one because you replied in my CJ, Dave...you're doing fantastic work here. The city shots and all are great, but what I really love about this CJ is the way you present the updates in terms of writing. You're very articulate and polite; this is evident in all your posts here as well as others around the forums. This applies to your replies and updates here: you come off sounding very intelligent and comical (I hope this is what you were going for ) The way you write everything is what makes this CJ especially unique, besides the awesome tutorials and excellent use of ploppable water. Anyways, I'm rambling, so I won't waste anymore of your time by putting up words that probably make little to no sense. Keep on doing what you're doing; you've given me quite a few chuckles and it seems that you're one of the few people who takes ST and SC4 for what they are: fun. Jamie
  13. The Tropics of Haalu

    Oh my God...this CJ is absoutely amazing. That last update was fantastic, you're a Photoshop master, and your cities aren't that either This might be the nicest tropical region I've ever seen. Keep up the great work, and I'll be sure to lurk around a little more Jamie
  14. SmalltownUSA Emmas Coffee Shop

    Thanks for bringing my idea to life, JB. This coffee shop ROCKS! Jamie
  15. SPAs Urbanist BAT Thread

    This looks awesome. These modern w2w buildings are great, thanks for these spa! Jamie