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  1. NDEX Ballard Park One by DT

    In the day picture, there are rail-lines in front of the building. They have a different texture. Where can I find them?
  2. Show us your - Canals

    How do you guys get boats do us your canal system? I've placed canals only in a few of my cities, so I'm not sure if they show up on their own or not. I always thought it was strictly eye candy...
  3. Future of SimCity Official Discussion Thread

    Hey everyone, I thought up a great idea (I think it is) on the way home from my cousins house in Issaquah. There was an avenue seperating Renton and Issaquah, but a shop on the Issaquah side had an entrance/exit to the avenue in the other city. Perhaps something like this could be in Simcity 5, if there is one. For instance, on the edge of City 1 you build an avenue. City 2 is adjacent City 1, next to the avenue. If you were to zone commercial on the edge of City 2, the zones would use the avenue, instead of having to drag another road in the city. This might be achieved if on every side of the cities, bordered by another piece of the map, there could be a kind of fade-off of the city next to it, kind of like a shadow on the edge of the city there. That way you could see roads and avenues and shop or houses zoned that would need a road to exit/enter from, in YOUR city. Z = Zone | = Border R = Road > = Indicates where Zone is facing ZZ>|R ZZ>|R ZZ>|R ZZ>|R ZZ>|R Did anyone follow that?