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  1. Dutch Cathedral Haarlem

    Great one!
  2. Rivalisation between cities is something that will always be. I think it's good as it stimulates development, danger is that it can easily turn to hate. And it's also important for cities to be able to cooperate. In Poland, where I live, there is one big rivalry - between Krakow and Warsaw. Krakow, former capital of Poland, still has a title of Royal Capital City Krakow. That's because it has never been canceled. And people still feel like they live in a royal city - and they are very proud of it. Also Krakow is still biggest cultural center of Poland. Now it is also developing very fast in economical terms. It has probably the highest educated work force in Poland. As to Warsaw - it's still economical center of Poland, with many businesses having their headquarters there. But this is a city that isn't liked too much in any part of Poland. That's because, especially in communist times, governments carried only about this city, using the rest of country to help developing the capital... Also many low-educated, lower-class people come to Warsaw seeking for possibilities, which has dramatically changed it's social structure in time.
  3. Show us your - Canals

    Really great canals everyone! So different and so beautiful. Very creative. This thread has become a great source of inspiration for me. Just when I thought my canals would be very usual. Now they won't...
  4. Originally posted by: chocolatemax285 I picked Europe. While I currently live in Australia, I don't think its all that it can be. I would prefer to live in maybe France, or Sweden, if I could master one of their languages. I would like to move out of Australia as soon as I finish school. I'm not sure if it will happen but I would like to.quote> With me it's totally the other way - I live in Europe and would love to move to Australia. This is definately my favourite place in the world. Not sure if it's gonna happen... :-(
  5. Communist ideas

    yes, you've got the idea. These pictures are quite similar to what can be seen in "Nowa Huta" in Cracow - a district made completely by communists between 1950-60. Well, actually Lenin is no longer there... ;-)
  6. Communist ideas

    Well, I'm living in a country that used to be a communist one (Poland). It would be very simple to build a communist look like city - here are some ideas: - very large number of middle density low wealth buildings grouped into some "worker's districts" - almost no medium or high wealth residential - lots of agricultural zones at the borders and very large dirty industry zones inside - only low wealth, low density commercials - not very much of them - certainly no elevated rail!!! - maybe GRL and lots of busses and some trains - no highways - avenues only inside a city, between cities there should be a small road ;-) And generally very ugly... Yeah, that's what it looked like in communist countries.
  7. Cracow Poland

    Well, you get a 10 from me. I'm also from Krakow, I'd love to play it. Maybe it's not perfect, but the only... I can try to recreate my city now. Big thanks!
  8. Asphalt Highway Texture

    Very well done!
  9. Bus Blocker

    That's what I need!