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  1. Carrefour

    why is this a museum in the game??????? Can explain why?????
  2. LBT Mega Texture Pack vol.02

    I have no parking lots helppppp!!!!
  3. GnL Guimaraes Castle

    Muito bom excelente trabalho!!! Para quando um hipermecado portugues para tornar o jogo ainda mais portugues!!!!
  4. Main entrace Here it is im my city Castelo Branco, Portugal we have the Jumbo super center this center has 65 stores 15 restaurants a bowling and a large Jumbo Hipermarket. The Jumbo hipermarkets is one of the biggest retail chains in Portugal.
  5. Highway ReStyling Mod V03

    The asphalt textures don´t work in my game?????? HELP
  6. New Official BAT Request Thread

    here is 2 nice shoppings i think simcity needd more of this projects we have so small collections of shoppings to view the other copy paste the link http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5784025334337947894
  7. For me This is the best landmark in the world is allready in contruction andf is the biggest shopping center in the europe see the movie in the link. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5784025334337947894