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  1. AGS Grapefruit Stadium

    Awesome! I just put it in one of my Cities. Looks great, we need more American Stadiums like this! 10/10
  2. fun screen shots

    Grand Theft Auto: Sim City The next installment to the popular series by Rockstar!
  3. Building an Adobe Cantina in gmax and BAT

    Cool tut man! I'm new to BATing here and although I'm not interested in making an Adobe type structure I did learn how to do some of the Nightlighting (easier than I thought it would be) and I liked the info on awning you modeled for the windows. Thanks for the knowledge!
  4. AGS Azusea Stadium

    Looks good! I'll definitely use it in one of my cities! I do have a request that one of your pleasant stadiums match that of an American Football field. We need some of those. ;)
  5. Wild West Power House

    Awesome man! That looks a whole lot better than having a coal power plant next to an old western town. :P
  6. Originally posted by: spa Originally posted by: tankmank I live in the uk (the warm part) if i was to chose i would say the uk becase we have free health service,a frendly atmostohere nearly every country in the world has english as a second language (Because we envaded them to make the brittish empire) and 2nd from the us we are the best place to live (eg. life expectancy,captia ect .....) so this is whyquote> Actually according to the UN's human development index the US and the UK aren't no.1 and no.2 they're actually further down the list. 1. Norway 2. Iceland 3. Australia 4. Luxembourg 5. Canada 6. Sweden 7. Switzerland 8. Ireland 9. Belgium 10. USA 11. Japan 12. Netherlands 13. Finland 14. Denmark 15. UK Furthermore, since 1980 only two countries have consistently ranked at the top and it's not the US and the UK it's Canada and Norway. Switzerland and Japan also made the top ranking over the period, but Canada and Norway pretty much were on top the whole time with the US and UK no where to be found. The point of all this being that you can enjoy a good quality of life in any of these countries and one being better than the other is probably pretty meaningless as a result, but still, perhaps you should check the facts before bragging and discounting the other 20 or 30 developed nations.quote> I'm just wondering but aren't most of the top 9 socialized in medicine in their countries. 'cause when I read that list thats what came to mind about them being the top ones. Anyways, I chose the US. I've lived in 5 different locations, and all have been a good experience. Now I probably would choose to stay here because its what I know, I've never been outside the US. If I had to live somewhere else I'd like to go to Canada probably or somewhere like New Zealand. I wouldnt want to go to Europe, if I had to go there it would be the UK. I dont know Europe seems so forgein to me. lol But as I said, the US rocks. Great life here and a cool place to be.
  7. Tribute to 2005

    Haha... Thats pretty funny. I downloaded it and did a test with it a few times and it could be great for a CJ. Thumbs up!
  8. Sandy Plains

    You need a coach to continue making maps!? Why not just make what you want to and release it and let the downloaders be the coach. It seems every map you post delboy over here says something negative. Its your map do what you want!
  9. I hate those multicolored houses like the venice one. they are such an eyesore, who would fine them attractive?
  10. Gare du Nord

    OWNED! I downloaded it. And it rocks! One question. I dont have any prop packs applied to it 'cept for SG Grocery pack. What is added if I put those packs in? 'cause without them the thing looks complete.
  11. JENXGareDuNordBeta

    Probably one of the best pieces I've seen on the site. Amazing. I sure hope this thing doesnt get pulled!
  12. Lower Pedriana Farms Frequency Mod

    Thank you! I hate those ugly things, especially when they are built on a slight hillside and it sticks out like a sore thumb and makes the land around it a plateau. THANK YOU!
  13. San Francisco - Bay Area by Mexicanboy13r

    Awesome Mexicanboy! I havent seen your CJ in a while and I gotta catch up!
  14. Charlotte Green

    Great Job! Using this map for my new Region! =D
  15. San Francisco - Bay Area by Mexicanboy13r

    I'm glad they didnt tear it down! Its a beautiful building! Great job on incorporating it into the city. The area looks great.