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  1. NAM 36 - On Slope Puzzle Pieces

    Really Really Thanks I searched in the Road Viaducts and I founded the pieces really really thanks. Another thing that do the NAM installer contains the contents from previous versions or not. And as I am very new to this thing so please tell me some tutorials to use this thing! Thanks
  2. Hello Guyz! I recently installed NAM 36 for my SimCity 4. I am new to it and I have never installed any version before so this is the first one I am using. I was watching Realistic Overpasses, Sunken Highway tutorials in youtube so I started making Sunken Highway. But the main problem is that the man uses On Slope puzzle pieces that I can't find any where so please someone can tell me that how to find On Slope Pieces I also don't have overpasses so please help me. Regards
  3. Mod Menus

    Thanks for the reply now I don't give a damn about in which menu these things appear I just wanna play and will play!
  4. Mod Menus

    Hello Guyz! As the title says, I need a separate menu for all my installed mods and plugins. It's very difficult to find things and other thing is that the mods that are not related to hospital come in hospital menu the ones that are not related to parks come in parks so I don't love this thing. Please tell me a mod that combines all mods under one menu or tell me a way that I can make all mods come in correct menu like Amusement Park mod should come in Parks instead of Hospitals. The problem is not only Park but I want them all to be situated in one menu! I have error uploading pictures for better explanation it says intermit error 200 Thanks Regards Fahad Farooq