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  1. Free Camera Mod

    it does not work, Beautiful bullshit. You did that for nothing
  2. the free camera mod, how it works

    and In what folder we put the file ?   thank youI.

    >> aviculture89@gmail.com <<



    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Sorry to disappoint, but that was just an april fools goof. *:lol: 

      No way to play SC4 in full 3D, I'm afraid. If you really want that function, you'll have to buy a game like Cities: Skylines that supports it. *:)

    2. airman15


      I'm afraid Duke is right. The only 3D elements in the game are fauna, vehicles and the terrain. If you were to look at a building model it ends up being more like an image stretched over a box.

      The only way to get a SimCity 4 in true 3D would be to build up a new game using a different engine. I haven't tried Skylines yet but screenshots showing what they already have made for it are impressive!

    3. poyaudin89


      OK, thanks