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  1. @Klyte45 the integration with IPT ? Canceled? In the descripition of IPT report your mod incompatible.
  2. Vou até agradece-lo em português Klyte45, um mod foda desses só podia ter a mão BR no meio kkk
  3. I think I could integrate IPT with TLM. It would be much easier. The TLM would only have to adapt, integrate or customize the new dashboard that got cleaner. Sorry to be so suggestive is the vision of someone who works in the architecture and urbanism sector of the prefecture of Curitiba-PR Brazil
  4. I disagree that TLM is complicated I think TLM is one of the best mods ever made based on public transport allowing as I commented on the topic of the steam able to fit each bus model to a group or adjust the buses according to its capacity is very usable . One problem that the IPT has that the TLM did not have is that you have to adjust the garage rightly so as not to conflict with the terminals because if it conflicts, the buses do not leave the garage. Another feature that is well usable in the TLM is the model that was adopted to adjust the bus as much as you need. We know that in real life we have a rush hour that has to have a certain amount of buses and other times a certain amount is enough. At IPT what I find most useful is the dashboard that shows the number of people that enter and leave the points how much profit in the lines. Anyway, I sincerely prefer the TLM for providing greater realism when it comes to public transport.