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  1. Thanks! I will definitely try those next time. The City of Havenbridge : Update #3 High-rise buildings along Downtown Avenue. The median has been cleared since there will be an elevated metro system in the future. The city is getting bigger and bigger everyday. The city decided to put an underwater tunnel between Huffville and Mid Town across the river. Overview of the highway system around Mid Town. The city will have total of three bridging system (2 bridges and 1 tunnel) Notice anything new? The mountain in the back has been added to the map. This map was just too flat. Overview of Clayton Mountain State Park. I still have a lot of work to do around this area. As you can see, Clayton Mountain will offer many different hiking trails for the citizens. To be continued!
  2. Thanks! I go to Virginia Tech. The City of Havenbridge : Update #2 Looking over Reston from College Town. Reston is becoming one of the biggest downtown in Havenbridge. It is also known for City Court House and Havenbridge Law School. The Intersection of Baron Avenue and N. Main Street Huffville is still known for the best place to live among daily commuters College Town Overview of Havenbridge from North Huffville Thanks!
  3. Welcome to the City of Havenbridge - Center of Business, Leisure, and Quality Life - * Havenbridge is a fictional city taking place somewhere in Eastern USA Hello guys, my name is Steve and I'm a college student in Virginia. I enjoy playing simulation games such as Cities Skylines, Cities XXL, and Rollercoaster Tycoon series. I recently got Cities Skylines and I've trying many new things. City of Havenbridge is my first planned city and it still has a lot to do until its finished. Please follow me through my journey with Havenbridge and you will not regret it. Thank you and enjoy ! Rise and Shine! the morning has come. Looks like people are still asleep. I don't see that many cars around yet. Looking over Reston. Looking over Downtown Havenbridge (on the right) and Gateway City (on the left), and of course, our newest addition, EcoVil National Golf Club. Rural area of Huffville. You can see the three major downtown in the background. Gateway City, center of commercial and office area. Havenbridge Institute of Technology (HIT), It is very well known for engineering programs and also the division 1 football team. An overview of HIT campus. It is a pretty big campus for such big city. Campus is only 10 minutes away from downtown Havenbridge. Downtown Havenbridge The most expensive homes can be found in Oakridge Estates. Also, EcoVil National Golf Club is right around the corner, so you can enjoy your city life to the max!