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    Play SimCity, draw in google sketchup and watching documentaries online.
  1. Hi There, For everybody who is looking for let's play/news on Cities Skyline... I just found out that in 2 days the embargo ends for posting let's play video's on youtube. So on the 3rd of march (3pm CET) expect alot of new video content of the game. Than the hard part is waiting for another week before you can built it yourself Gr. Ferry Ps. link to embargo info: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cJLMnpQAqE
  2. I'm so mad right now..

    I spend €39,- for my hard copy.. but right now its a €39,- down the drain. Cant even play because of all the server errors.. Why didn't EA put more power in this..? (they act surprised many people went online and try to play it)
  3. Sign the petition

    signed.. I hate EA for abusing the online situation. I dont mind they checking if i paid for the version or the want to compair my gameplay to other people.. But right now i still have to start my first freaking city/town.. getting already 4 hours of server errors! And EA is saying theyre adding more servers etc. but why didnt they do it in the first place???!!!!! Its always going wrong like this on a launchweek (same problem with Battlefield) So @EA get your stuff right.
  4. Gameplay Strategy Video #2, with multi-city play

    Sc4 looks better??? Whaaaaat? Did you see SM4 recently? The graphics getting worse and worse every year. Example: An other point way to many people are talking about is the always online! Everybody thats saying must be online is a no-deal should live somewhere far away from our society. We are always online (even on the toilet) And if this helps against piracy im ok for it. What people should worry more about is that the cities/savegames are on the servers of EA (and not on your own machine) But than again.. i can still play Battlefield 1942 (from 2002) and my account is still online! Yes, i will buy the game and will see if there is a deal-breaker for me in the game. Yes i have some mixt feelings.. but saying stuff like never-ever.. no never!
  5. SimCity: Gameplay

    So Maxis finely showed a movie with some gameplay (http://www.simcity.c...imCity-gameplay) Thanks for that Maxis There were a couple of things new to me like the casino and the trainstation. Also the graphics looked better than the alpha demo version that i played () But after watching it closely i notice a couple of things i didnt like so much. Still the map size is very small. It looked even smaller than the alpha version that i played. So i took a couple of screenshots and put them together. The result: It only took 14 buildings to cover half of the map! The trainstation is smaller than the trains that are comming in! and the connection to the region train tracks was 90 degrees! So i really hope to see some bigger maps soon (hint to Maxis_MD ) Anyway, im still a fan of the new game and still gonna buy it. But my expectations are lower than i want it to be. Greetings, FerryV Ps. read the tekst in the picture
  6. virus warnings

    I use their browser (Comodo Dragon) pretty good, safe and fast browser! (im not gonna use their anti virus)
  7. virus warnings

    Hi there, AVG has alot of false positive results. Also when you used a "no cd crack" or something AVG Free will definitely react on it. So if you have a fake version of the game thats your reason. If you have the original version of SimCity and AVG is still stopping everything just disable the AVG for a while. See how to disable AVG (till next start up) on http://www.avg.com/ww-en/faq.num-4497 Hope this help you further. If not let met know and be more specific whats happends. Good luck!
  8. Hi there, Im born in Rotterdam - Netherlands. It had the biggest port of the world till the upraise of Asia Here is a website with great and many many Rotterdam harbour pictures: http://www.portpictures.nl/ Some expamples i like: some birdviews: And as last: those are 2 heavy doors that can close if the seawater is getting to high (big part of the Netherlands is below sea level) and protect the harbour. if you want to read more about it: http://en.wikipedia..../Maeslantkering
  9. hard to find anything now

    Why do you post this in "SimCity (2013) General Discussion"? If you search the same way you post your stuff no wonder you cant find anything
  10. The Circulatory System of Simcity.

    Why do you still react to the game Cirugo? Your already said multiple times your not gonna buy the game. So stop comment on the game plz and do something else with your life.
  11. Old news.. There is already a topic about it http://www.simtropolis.com/news/_/general-gaming-news/ea-boss-proudly-refuses-to-publish-single-player-games-r246 close topic pls.
  12. Question about SC4 & Maxis

    Thnx, I know its non of my business. I just like to compare numbers (had the inflation already in the back of my mind)
  13. just an idea...

    I mentioned earilier i played simcity on the snes in the early days. But i dont hope they make any console version of it now. It has similar capibility of a pc? The XBOX360 is from 2005.. 7 years old! The playstation3 and xbox360 are old machines that should already been replaced years ago. If you conbine the XBOX360 and Playstation3 it still doesnt beat my pc. Ive owned both consoles and sold them already. The Xbox i used for GTA4 (early release date) but sold it right after i was done playing the game. The Playstions 3 i bought for GT5. It was a disapioting game. No much different than GT2 besides better graphics. And loading from that slow hdd was my reason the sell it again. Just give me my i7 pc with a GTX680 and my fast SSD When you put that in a console within a year give me a call.
  14. Hi there, I have a question about SimCity4 and Maxis. What was the develop cost of that game and the profit made that year? Does anyone has the annual report of Maxis 2003 (and maybe 2002) I know its a weird question but i was wondering how much a game like SimCity4 cost back than. And how much profit they made. I would like to compair it to the new SimCity (2013) Thanks for you help. Greetings, FerryV Ps. on the website of maxis i can only find annual reports of 2011, 2010, 2009.
  15. Simcity shirt

    Tweet from SimCity: "Congrats to @The_allister, @MaxwellGBrown, and@Ivan_Garcia_214 for winning our #SimCity t-shirt! Send over a DM with your info, guys!"