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  1. PWM Plays Cities: Skylines

    Ohh. Should have payed a bit more attention :0
  2. PWM Plays Cities: Skylines

    Another video. In the previous one we zoned a huge new industrial area away from the city, now we're trying to breathe some life into it:
  3. PWM Plays Cities: Skylines

    Absolutely not Seriously, I'm kind of obsessed keeping my games vanilla. Tough the hard -mod would probably have been a good idea, especially financial things are bit too easy for a Sim CIty 4 veteran. #DrowningInMoney
  4. PWM Plays Cities: Skylines

    Couple of new episodes have come out since my last post: Finally we tackle unique buildings, while I try to zone an area for rich people: There's dirty industry all over the place and people are getting sick. In this episode we clean the city and build a huge industrial area far away:
  5. PWM Plays Cities: Skylines

    Washerman City is growing and along come traffic issues. In the newest episode we try to do something about that:
  6. PWM Plays Cities: Skylines

    Thanks Benedict! As you wish, here's a new video Quite a lot of progress in this one:
  7. PWM Plays Cities: Skylines

    Hey! This series has been running for a while and is already at episode #12. I haven't done any playing without recording, so the first episodes are very much about me learning to play the game and making an idiot of myself. However, starting from episode #12 I take a faster pace, meaning that we fast forward trough of the more boring work, such as zoning and constructing roads, with time lapses. As a result, you will see the city growing faaast!(er?) Here's that newest episode (#12) of the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQtvALJL3uw If you want to see what has happened before that, here is the entire playlist of the series from the start: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlvkyQFw9o5rX8xCTc_p-6M_CGjkdAB9B Hope you enjoy the stuff. And if you don't, I forgive you. PWM https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePressurewasherman
  8. Here's another Let's play, by yours truly. This one is me playing the game for the first time, so I of course derp around quite a bit and the city planning is chaotic to say the least. Hopefully you'll enjoy it anyways Episodes are coming out every other day, next coming out tomorrow. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePressurewasherman Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlvkyQFw9o5rX8xCTc_p-6M_CGjkdAB9B Twitter: https://twitter.com/PressureWasherM
  9. Let's Play SimCity 4 @YouTube

    Thanks for the tip! I'll get some screenshots and make a bit more comprehensive post about the city in near future
  10. Let's Play SimCity 4 @YouTube

    Well, I suppose this my City Journal in video format I started to record myself playing SimCity 4 a while a go and the first episode just went up. So go and see: You can find the playlist on the channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePressurewasherman Episodes will come out every other day, so if you like the videos, subscribe to the channel or check me out at twitter (https://twitter.com/PressureWasherM). And when it comes to facepalming a lot, bare in mind that I'm just a casual player, not a pro or even anywhere close. For the same reason, it's not a tutorial or anything like that. Just me battling against budget crisis. Forever. Likes, hates, comments etc. are all welcome. I'm not that good with commentary, but I'm sure I'll get.. probably not good, but better at it