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  1. Storm Delta

  2. Storm Delta

    Nice map, and it works great.
  3. WillowTree

    i download them from simtropolis, i never use steam i also dragged the tree file to the building file on my desktop that i put all my mods in
  4. WillowTree

    it might just be something wrong with my game because i have a couple others that don't show up either. Usually when that happens I just uninstall it, but I really like this one and don't want to throw it out if I can make it work. 
  5. WillowTree

    Yea I have the decoration unlocked and checked everything, how bizarre
  6. WillowTree

    I downloaded this file and in the content manager it's their and checked but I can't find it anywhere in my inventory. maybe i keep overlooking it but where should it be located?
  7. Issues since patch

    I took off all the new mods and my main menue in skylines still doesn't work. anything i try to select like new game or load game ect, none of the options work, i push it and it does nothing, now i cant play at all