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  1. There's an option in Reddit that makes all links open in a new window. It's the second option inside the preferences: clicking options open links in a new window/tab
  2. But that means I have to keep my eyes glued to the screen while the save loads, i.e. I can't go make a cup of tea :-O Joke aside, point noted. Once the mod settles and if you are thinking of enhancements (or even, a small mod that does just this task) please consider it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey Thale5, thanks for this mod. Suggestion: it would be also great if this mod could generate a warning when it detects for the first time an asset having been deleted from the workshop by its creator. At the moment the game silently removes all instances of the asset on load, and it is often only several saves later when you realise what had happened. To do so I'd suppose you could keep a list of assets loaded, and then when the condition occurs that (1) an asset is not available on load and (2) that asset exists in the save game, generate a warning dialog box. I think your mod already does something like that, without the dialog box, so it's quite easy to miss. Thanks for your consideration.
  4. I want all of them nao nao NAO but I'm a greedy bastard