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  1. He also had the Unisphere, which replaced (I believe) a church St Basil's Cathedral in St Petersburg, one of the landmarks. I think Burger King and Mc Donalds work well. I remember in SC4 sometimes you would get lots of the same model and would have to spend an age deleting them and getting something more interesting to spawn but the two fast food models by Oppie seem to spawn at an ordinary rate, only a few per city.
  2. How would an building be a landmark if it wasn't already in existence? I take your point and agree it would be cool to have a few 'future landmarks' that would work well in CoT cities but then again half the buildings could fit that bill. As a Brit I would like a mod that could change the side of the road people drive on. I also find the 'Boats' section of mass transit options very limited, Anything that would provide mayors with more flexibility when designing waterborn mass transit would be appreciated. Keep up the good work modders, great new content coming out of late, thanks!
  3. Cheers for your help asasa, I will try your advice, only problem is that i'm not in sandbox so could get expensive. Luckily i have fairly full coffers.
  4. Bump! Hi all. I am having this issue too. I do use mods but only ones found on this site and from respectable community authors. Does anyone know what the mod that might be causing this issue is called?