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  1. Hi there... Late to the game but really REALLY enjoy this CJ. Well done, David! Is David's name the same on the workshop as it is on here? I was hoping that he had a collection of the various mods and props he had used in this CJ. Thanks in advance, Tom
  2. Mods Not Showing Up

    Well, as you can see from the screenshots, the mods are not listed in the mods tab. Therefore I cannot select them to be enabled. However, yes, they WERE enabled and working before they disappeared.
  3. Hey folks. As you can see, Downloaded mods are not showing up in the Mods category. They are showing up in the Steam Workshop category though. Double-checked subscriptions... have deleted, unsubscribed and re-subscribed to no avail. Any ideas? Tom
  4. Getting updated after a stroke

    Thanks for posting Michael. I have a ways to go health wise.. the good news is, I get to go. An important detail! Another question.. are the tunnels limited to the Euro maps?
  5. Hey folks.. I was wondering if I could get a few questions answered. I'd put in about 60 hours on the game before having a stroke in early April that took a good portion of my vision. I logged on last night for the first time last night and look forward to playing the game some more. But I do have some questions, if you don't mind. 1. I noticed the update.. are the euro buildings only avail on the new euro maps? Do they mix with the other buildings already in the game? 2. What are the MUST HAVE mods now? I appreciate any help..
  6. SC 4 still viable?

    My SC4 copy is from Steam which I freshly re-downloaded just a few days ago. Gotta figure out what all I need to download in the way of NAM,etc.
  7. Hey folks. So the question is in the subject. But let me elaborate. I'm new to city building. I own SC4 deluxe and Cities:Skylines. I have about 1 hour in SC4 and about 40 in C:SL. Skylines is a good game and will likely grow to be great. But I can't help thinking that should invest the time to 'earn my wares' in SC4 because of the maturity of the product. (I've played it only vanilla) So, what say you? Is this viable? I really want to build 'in the sandbox' and create cities. Can I still get all the files and such for SC4? Looking for any help and guidance. Thanks, Tom
  8. Missing thumbnails

    No one? Really?
  9. So I downloaded some assets... However, they do not give me a preview in the game. I opened a few in the asset editor and they seem to have thumbs attached... Advice?
  10. So I bought this game today from Steam. I've NEVER played any of the Sim City games before. (Old dude too). I've done some reading but I think I need some streamlined help. What EXACTLY do I need to download to get started. More to the point, I don't want cheats but I read there are some fixes that I will need. I plan on downloading NAM but what fixes do I need to make sure I can play on? Also, do I need to establish any login strings in steam? I think I read something about that but my brain hurts right about now. I'll be on Win 7 64. Sorry for the newbie questions. Tom