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  1. Modders are doing awesome work so far. Certainly making the game more fullfilling. I believe the basic police and fire stations are a bit gimmicky, would love to see a reskin of these. And an end to proportional trading of surplus resources (ie.energy, water, sewage treatment, workers) - as in depending on how many claimed cities there are directly connected by regional highway, equals how much proportionally the city delivers to any one of those cities. I would just like to be able to chose how much of any surplus resource can be traded to an individual city, just like we can nominate how many surplus service vehichles can be sent to any individual city. It would be even better if there were basic contracts between the cities that arranged a price/unit and fine amounts so there was an incentive to always ensure reliable delivery of that resource. It is this proportional trading that ruins the regional gameplay for me as you can't just have a dedicated services city.