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  1. It had some issues but author made already 2 new version and most of them solved. This mod is like a dream!
  2. I have almost all my res buildings level 5, 90% happines all services covered and even if i set taxes to 1% they never have the maximum households. 4x4 have 20 / 26 and 3v3 15 / 19 i have the eden project so land value is high top. It seems there is a limit to 80 %. All cities i made untill now follow this rule. Any solution without mod?
  3. Show us your Detail Shots

    Firefighter: look at how long he deployed hose to fight fire. When he finished it dint disapear but he walked backwords like he was roll it back. Amazing detail!! Btw someone tell me how i can upload full image and not the thumbnail?
  4. Should I buy this game?

    Well after the SimCity i know there r people that they have to be sure that they dont waste their money but this is a 30$ game. U can find it 20 and then add it to steam. If u r familiar with this kind of games u must buy it yesterday!!! if dont i cant answer. There r many videos on line see the gameplay.
  5. Industry imports raw materials (oil, ore , forest, agri) and makes goods. If u have your own specialized industry they take raw materials from them. Then they delivery theese goods to commercial with vans. If u produce more than demand they export the rest. To reduce this traffic u have to use cargo trains . If there is cargo station connection from industry to commercial vans and trucks move goods to station and when trains delivers them to the other stations from where the vans and trucks delivers them to commercial. If u connect a cargo station with another city industry exports/imports goods via this connection. So its wise dont connect the local lines with the border lines. Also traffic comes from people going to their work. U must use metro lines and buses ( carefull coz too many bus stops may result to more traffic) its better have small lines coz buses have only 30 capacity. U must place offices mixed with residential so they walk to work and reduce traffic even more.