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  1. NAM General Support Topic

    I am using protection called V3, and as I checked virus scan, there was no malware detected. NAM 32 still doesn't work after I deleted, re-downloaded, and tried to install.
  2. NAM General Support Topic

    No; that doesn't make a difference. Also, the NAM installer hasn't even looked at your installation at the time it crashes for you. What are your system specs (hardware and software)? I am using Windows Vista on 64-bit and RAM memory is 4 GB. I am also using HP s5120y desktop.
  3. NAM General Support Topic

    It sounds like you have a corrupted installation file. I'd suggest downloading the NAM again and retrying. I deleted and re-downloaded. Then I tried to reinstall that, but it still freezes after I clicked agree on the user agreement. Is it because I installed original SC4 and Rush Hour differently?
  4. NAM General Support Topic

    Hi, I tried to install NAM 32 on my computer, but when I click okay after the user agreement, it just stops and says, NAM has stopped working and the installation stops. I already updated Simcity 4 Rush Hour up to 1.1.638, but why this is keep happening? I am using Vista on 64-bit. Help me please, thank you.