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  1. That makes a lot of sense thanks. Wish we had more tools to monitor what's going on to make it clear. Will look into it again
  2. Outside Connection button (there are these 2 tabs and Tourism)
  3. Hello, I'm trying to understand how they work and if I can use the respective windows to manage that aspect of the game better. I know that the city will import missing stuff (and export excess) but somehow mine is importing wood (forestry) and exporting it at the same time why would that happen ? Total export units is about 1800 and import is about 1700. Forestry represents roughly half of my imports AND exports ?! Same goes for agriculture... Any ideas ?
  4. Worker issue

    It would be very helpful to see a screenshot of your population details. Most often its a matter of balancing workers, goods and freight in all 3 wealth levels. I have to admit it's a tedious task and will never be perfect. Also If you have a lot of industries and factories you will want a majority of low wealth workers. (avg proportion is roughly 6/10 $, 3/10 $$ and 1/10 $$$). To help the worker issue I almost always limit my industrial zone to medium density because they produce a good amount of freight for a reasonable amount of workers (as opposed to high density I think the ratio is not as good). General guidelines : If there are more available jobs than workers that means there are too many vacant jobs in other words less than half the jobs are occupied then there is a chance some buildings will close. As for goods I think it is better to have unsatisfied shoppers (unfortunately) rather than unsold goods (so shops dont go out of business and mostly because there are too many jobs already) Finally freight, I try to keep the supply as close to the demand as possible (to keep C & I happy) without exceeding it. (I always destroy the freight lot at the trade depot) Oh and even if you had the space, zoning more R might not be the answer because they will need more goods so you will need more C and I... its an infinite loop. Balancing is the key !
  5. Active and into Communication

    Hi I'll join if not too late.
  6. Added both of you on Origin and Tigerman on Skype.
  7. Near-Complete Sim-Newbie

    Hi I'm an experienced player and am willing to help you get started. I can give you general advice or visit your cities and be more specific. I can simply answer your questions or help you learn fast. I'm active in different places so maybe better I check out your region if you have already started. Origin ID : PickPay
  8. Hi, You have abandoned cities in your region that hinder its development ? No matter how disastrous they are I'll reclaim them (if possible), turn them healthy again and help your cities too. Min 10k pop any region. I have the expansion. Origin ID : PickPay
  9. I had the same problem a week ago. I reclaimed 3 cities in the same cluster and each one of them would see something different. One had an Arcology under construction the next had the airport under construction and the last saw the site empty. That one finally synced with the Arcology but the other city kept the airport which I finished building and seems to be working lol. I've had many other cities where the great works would be bugged and never finish :/
  10. Hello, I like taking over "disastrous cities" and fix them. So I'm looking for players that would like abandon cities in their region to be reclaimed in order to collaborate and build great works. I can play daily. >10k pop and no paid expansions (any server) my origin ID : PickPay