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  1. He is right, its against the rules, I do not know what will happen if/when an admin sees this but if your an admin and you are reading this, before you ban me I have read the rules and I wont post about stuff like this again, I was just unfamillier with the rules, its not illegal (according to US Copyright law as stated above) but its against the site rules, which is bad enough so I apologise.
  2. Thanks for the help guys, I will try that and by the sounds of it hopefully it will work, but do you know anything about that graphical glitch I showed above, as thats really ruining my game, same with the road one, they have became above annoying now, i can barley play the game, also sorry about using a No-CD patch, it was just that I was following instructions about how to install it via winehq's appdb and it said I will probelly need a No-CD patch so I installed it and I have removed it and trying to run it the CD way. Edit: When I dont use the No-CD and put in the cd it does not work and i cannot find a way in the winecfg to point wineskin to the drive.
  3. I bought on CD from Game yesterday. Simcity 4 Deluxe for £5, I have applied EP1 patch and all of that, also Wineskin is Wine but with an interface, go to wineskin.urgesoftware.com, thats the place to have a look if you want to know more about it but if you could tell me a bit about how you did it from the winehq.com one I would be happy to try it that way. Thanks Conor. P.S I have installed the No CD hack to my install of Simcity 4 Deluxe so I do not have to worry about inserting the CD all the time and as well if my CD's get destroyed some how I will always have the one on my computer backed up. EDIT: I took another look at WineHQ and it reminded me why I did not use it, there is no Mac version, I could probally make one but that would be really annoying. EDIT 2: Also Could you tell me where the Regions folder to add a new region is on your computer as I cant find it on mine, well I have found 2 but any region i have made in-game arn't there, and I want to upload the region i have made.
  4. waiting for someone to reply to my help thing on simcity 4

  5. First Things First, I am running Simcity 4 Deluxe through wineskin on Mac OS X Lion, and this is the only problem that has really annoyed me so far that has stopped me from playing. Anyway, heres the main bit. It claims I have not got Simcity 4 Rush Hour installed, even though I am playing on the region New York, which got added in Rush Hour, I have ran it on the same wrapper that i run simcity 4 deluxe on, earlier in the day, i installed the updates to fix street lights and stuff sucessfully so I do not know what has happened here, please help. P.S I have got another problem, it is sort of annoying but I can live with it, when ever i go to the mayor mode menu thing and click road, it crashes, highways and all that work but an ordinary road wont work, any ideas? P.P.S Another Annoying bug i can live with, the my sim bit and the how your cities doing, like land value and stuff like that are stuck open, and are blocking any interaction with income menu and stuff like that so the game is a bit harsh on me, I have posted a picture below so you guys can see what i am talking about.