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  1. "C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe"
  2. I have recently installed Windows XP on my computer and I installed Simcity 4, The updates, and NAM. I double clicked the simcity 4 Icon a couple of tmes. It won't launch.
  3. What is required to get sky scrapers?

    I can see how that works. Thanks.
  4. What is required to get sky scrapers?

    Alright. Thanks. And why did it censor out N O O B?
  5. What is required to get skyscrapers in simcity 4. Sorry for asking so many questions. I am a $%&^! despite doing this for a year.
  6. Something is wrong with my parks and lots.

    Alrighty then. I shall try that.
  7. Okay. I think NAM might have something to do with it. These are parks and houses don't have the props or whatever. I think this is in corralation with NAM. Please Help.
  8. SimCity 4 traffic Layouts

    Excuse me sir. The photos don't seem to be present.
  9. So. I want building packs that are legit and that actually are permitted by the owners of the lots and such. I am looking for a pack that surpasses 500mb which would be 1/2 of a gigabyte. And a Shout-Out to a good man of the community " A Nonny Moose " Who helped me with my Layout Problem
  10. How do I improve my city layout?

    And I have been playing it for a year and a half. Please give me suggestions. Please?
  11. How do I improve my city layout?

    This is it. I couldn't get I wider picture because it says " File Too Big"
  12. This is the only layout I can think of. And It's crap. I want to make it look more pretty and not all squarish an ugly. It has an Interstate running through it. It is really blocky and square and looks out of place.
  13. How do I make a highway like this. Specificly U.S. Route.

    Thanks joe. I'll do that.
  14. So. I want to know how you could make a U.S. Route Highway. Specifictly like these. These are photos of ones in Champaign , Il and Rantoul , Il.