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  1. NA East 4 - New Region

  2. Hello, message me in game if you would like to join my region. Origin ID zerolex_2013. Going after leader boards, etc. Server: NA East 4 Region: Higgs Bason (Titans Gorge) Claimed Cities: 2/16 $2million given to connected new cities to help jump-start construction.
  3. My city is ready to start great works. I'll install Skype today but let me know if any sister city needs anything. (My city is Kawa Cosine) PS: I'll "gift" 1 million sims to anyone who opens a department of tourism and another 1 million for a department of safety, in the region. I have a lot of open jobs too, high, medium and low. Boat, bus and train connections.
  4. Please invite me if there is still room and you do not mind a player from NA. Zerolex_2013 (also sent you a friend request)
  5. Would love to join but NA East 4 is always marked full. NA East 3 seems to be a ghost town.
  6. Oceanic 2 - New Region

    Add me please: zerolex_2013
  7. Looking for mayors for a new region on NA East 3. zerolex_2013 Region Name: Higgs Bason
  8. North America West 3 sever players needed

    Please add me to your region: zerolex_2013