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  1. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I have searched the forum for hours trying to find an answer, but as yet i dont even know how to jump to the last page of this thread; there doesnt seem to be a button for it... Does the Radical Custom Special file included in the NAM change the SPEED of the various forms of transport? It says in the readme that there are changes to the transit times and lengths permitted, and of course those excellent capacity changes (yay realism) but nothing about the speed. Also, is the time on the transit graph represented in minutes? Gravemind
  2. Lot Request Thread

    I have a request for a particular lot that I believe would be an invaluable addition to the game. Lot characteristics: Waste Processing Plant A 4x4 or 6x6 lot that uses advanced technology to process 5000 tons of garbage every month. It MUST behave like a landfil in that it shows up in your city garbage capacity graph as 5000 tons. While it can only hold a max of 5000 tons it also degrades 5000 tons per month. It must be transit enabled (so dump trucks drop of garbage at the plant). It does NOT function as a wast to enegy power plant, or like a recycling centre; it is effectively a very rapidly degrading landfill. It produces a small about of air and water pollution (approx. 10% of a coal power plant over the same area) The lot should be fairly futuristic with tubing and processing cylinders and suchlike, and should have the following requirements: Plop cost: $20,000 (that technology aint cheap, see?) Demolision cost: $5000 (and its tough to clean up the residue afterwards Monthly cost: 1000 } Monthly Power requirement: 1000 } High monthly running cost Monthly water requirement: 1000 } When queried the lot should give a slider (if possible) to scale monthly funding, and a readout of garbage processed this month (tons), and capacity used. When underfunded, the excess garbage should pile up in the streets. I feel this lot would provide a balanced and realistic solution to the Garbage Problem. Its high cost means that you cant afford it right away, so you still need landfill, while its high monthly cost means its not just an easy solution; also provides incentive to still build recycling centres (though ideally Id like the recycling centre to be edited to process garbage the same way as this building, just with 10% the capacity; so these building act like the other untilities). Waste to Energy handles 10 times as much garbage per month for the same cost, but pollutes 10 times as much. I know which Id rather have. An alternative to going high tech would be to literally make a 6x6 or 8x8 lot that was a huge hole in the gound (REAL landfill), which could absorb 1,000,000 tons of garbage before being full. Garbage would not degrade in this hole, but the hole could be bulldosed (for a very hefty sum) when full to make the land usable again. Just like real landfill. This would have low monthly running cost, not require any wather and very little power. I look forward to the thoughts of other Simtropolis members on these proposals, and (hopefully) someone may take up on my ideas and use them in the near future. Gravemind