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  1. SimCity Social is Closing Down

    And this is what will happen to SC2013 in a years time. By then EA will have launched SC2014 which essentially is The Sims, with a couple of houses and even more broken and lazy made features. In short, screw MAXIS and hail Paradox Interactive. Perhaps Cities in Motion 3 will feature some more in depth city building options, without giving in on other core features. Now that would, imo, truely be a SimCity sucessor
  2. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    Maybe if you pay another 60$ EA will let you have a metro line in your city... Untill Zilla destroys it, then you have to purchase it all over again. Perhaps you could also purchase the Metropolis DLC for another 80$. This will add 2 extra square miles of building space to your "city". It's going to be so awesome, and so social...(ist)
  3. @OP. SC4 had maps 4 times larger!... SC5 needs even bigger than (more like 8 times) that to actually call it an improvement.
  4. Discussion about City Tile Size

    The ridiculous tiny map size and always-online DRM alone has put be off SimCity for good. I really expected that SimCity 5 would expand on the scale of things (at least 8x8km maps) and add more choices for mass transit and more ways of building your transit system. Enstead EA delivered SimFacebookville at a premium price. And Boy will I enjoy the massive butt hurt when EA launches their inevitable Metropolis DLC, at premium price, ofc.