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  1. Simtropolis is Back on the Air.

    I'm so sad to see such damage to all of these CJs. My hope is that ST backed up its databases every day like most sites do. [Edited] Fred
  2. SEV Building

    exquisite, simply perfect.
  3. Tuckley Air Charters

    I wouldn't recommend doing this: "I will try to isolate constituents to enclose a merged dat file as support in forthcoming releases. Thanks again!" As it violates the terms that most (if not all) of those dependencies are distributed under, i.e. that they are not to be repackaged in any way, but should be referenced as a dependency instead. I am fairly certain that the people who create these things would not look at all favourably upon you if you did repackage them.
  4. Autism Awareness

    Originally posted by: IDS2 *bump* You may have heard on the news recently, that scientists are looking into ways to reverse the effects of autism! It worked on one person or something like that...now imagine if they eradicated autism. That would be great.quote> I'm not so sure it could be called "great" and left at that, I have several mildly (and one severely) autistic friends and most of them are happy with who they are and I would find it hard to believe that they would get rid of their autism just like that if they had the option. I know that those with severe autism would probably want to get rid of it if given the choice, but I think that those who have only mild autism find that it gives them their own, unique perspective on life, and I think it opens quite a few doors as well as closing others. Just a quick $0.02 Fred
  5. Anduin Valley Revisited

    Originally posted by: dedgren Something just made me check out AVR today... you know- that feeling you get when you're driving somewhere and all of the sudden you start wondering whether you left the oven on or forgot to lock the front door...quote> You know, I just did exactly the same thing, and I just can't believe that this stalwart of SC4 CJs is finally at its end. Great work John, I may not have commented much, but I followed the whole thing and I was flabbergasted on a regular basis. Your tutorials and step-by-steps helped me get inspiration and learn new techniques, only the poster above me and Jeonij have added as much to my city-building style and techniques as you. Thanks for a phenomenal 2 and a half years of CJing, I hope to see more from you in the future. Long time lurker and lover (of the CJ ), Fred
  6. Simtropolis 1000

    Have you guys got started yet, cos Ive just seen a prototype of this kind of thing from someone who used to be part of this... ...community (I suppose its a kind of community, kinda like a drugs rehab centre den). If you guys dont get started, you'll never have a game
  7. Glenni's BAT showcase

    Great work glenni, this is just what we need, I mean how many RL roundabouts have scultputres or statues in the middle? Fred
  8. forum ranks

    Originally posted by: hawkpride147 don't worry about your post count.quote> Is that why the admin have felt it right to endow Jacqulina with a custom member label along the lines of "Current Top Posting Position Contender"? Now this is in no way an attack on Jacky, she is a very helpful and kind person and is a valuable member of the community but this attitude isn't encouraged when you give people CMLs relating to their no. of posts. Think about it eh? Fred
  9. Under Bridge Scenery

    jeronijs walls can now be found on the BSC LEX over at SC4D, check out the forums while youre over there too, theyre great.
  10. hi people, i have contacted geoffhaw recently about getting a personal IID range to allow me to make textures, howvere after assigning me one, he hasnt told me how to use it. I have PMd him, but he hasnt responded yet so i was wondering if some of the others with personal IIDs can help me get started, i hear this is confidential info so just PM me if you need.
  11. BSC Texture Index

    hey geoffhaw, i would like to request a texture range please, probably about 100 textures eventually! (a long time away yet)
  12. Dmscopio Stadium

    looks great dmscopio, but u mite wana put that second file on the stex too, uve ran out of bandwidth no rate yet
  13. Show Us Your... seaport!

    the coal mounds are part of an original BAT by SOMY i think, linky: http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/p7.htm
  14. Region Transport Legend

    Great work Hammo, Ive been wanting one of these for years! Great for us Brits!