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  1. Problems with water management

    I am familiar with that trick, but It doesn't change the fact that water table decreases significantly. Thats what I am not happy about.
  2. We were told that water producing buildings such as water tanks will provide infinite water, when they are placed next to source of water, e.g. lakes, rivers et cetra. This is logical, as pumping water off from some fresh water source is what major cities do in real life, especially after they've been stablized by building dams. They currently do not, water tables drop no matter how close you are to the source of water. I assume this is a bug - or is it? Or were there any changes in plan? Or am I missing something? P.S. In any case - water management system is broken : just to let you know. It doesn't work. Water is non-renewable once city gets very large. That's a FACT for you. (I will not accept water trade as solution, fundamentally it doesn't solve anything)