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  1. Nuclear plant

    bulldozes like normal, no radiation. The spent fuel rods magically disappear.
  2. I had the same problem, even though I had no industry in my city and was sending my garbage out of town. I noticed things got a lot better with the 1.7 update (traffic fix). So I'm curious how much has to do with traffic, how much has to do with letting pollution blow off the map.
  3. Sim months and sim days?

    I remember seeing the "monthly" HQ reports at midnight each day. If the day/month stuff bugs you... take a look at the MW labels on the power plants v. their actual output.
  4. Simcity info and data analysis

    Looked into $$$ wealth high density today: $$$ high density residential = 62-70 workers, 33 shoppers, 30 students $$$ high density commercial = 200 $ jobs, 300 $$ jobs, 120 $$$ jobs, 465 goods per 12 hours (satisfies 465 shoppers, I think), 0 or 155 souvenirs $$$ high density industry (tech 3) = 200 $ jobs, 600 $$ jobs, 240 $$$ jobs, 360 freight $ high density industry (tech 1) = 1400 $ jobs, 200 $$ jobs, 20 $$$ jobs,
  5. I was optimizing my cities for the bad traffic conditions... now it'll all change (hopefully). I don't think I'll mind making a city with realistic road layouts
  6. Saw the game updated around 5pm ET today. Now my avenue has stoplights with medium density streets... and the lights aren't stupid! They give the avenue right-of-way until a car is waiting on the side streets. Edit: Opps... Maybe I was just hoping they fixed it already. In reality I just upgraded my avenue to have street cars and the lights were added.
  7. Simcity info and data analysis

    I'm glad somebody else thinks like I do! You missed the rest of the power plants (note, the maintenance cost is of the building, not including the free smoke stack/windmill/etc): Wind Farm $40 20 6 0 oal power plant $25 25 8 0 Oil power plant $100 40 12 4 Solar farm $40 20 4 0 Nuclear power plant $100 220 604 240 Water Tower $100 0 0 0 Water Pumping Station $400 80 40 12 Also, I was starting to calculate tax revenue per household. $ Residence $10 Low 4 2 2 $$ Residence $20 Low 2 1 2 $$$ Estate $50 Low 2 1 1 I love the nuclear power plant... it creates 1064 jobs for $100 an hour (and nothing else; blow up the tower)... if all those workers come from low density residential, that's $12,590 in taxes per hour. Keynes was on to something here...
  8. Low skill ?

    That would make sense, but I think their model is more simplistic. Here's my hunch. There are three classes of citizens: students, workers, and shoppers. The "student" class of agent will simply travel to the nearest school entity (university, grade school, or high school) to be educated. Upon returning home, they increase the education level of the household. During the shift change at 6am/6pm, the worker leaving the household has that education level and searches for the nearest place to work in their wealth range.
  9. Air Pollution Problems

    did you turn off the regular pump?
  10. Question on workers

    The numbers are from the details tab when you click on your population. Here are some examples of utilities: Wind Farm ($40) $20/$$6/$$$0 Coal power plant ($25) $25/$$8/$$$0 Oil power plant ($100) $40/$$12/$$$4 Solar farm ($40) $20/$$4/$$$0 Nuclear power plant ($100) $220/$$604/$$$240 Water Tower ($100) $0/$$0/$$$0 Water Pumping Station ($400) $80/$$40/$$$12 Town Hall ($200) $50/$$24/$$$8 Parks ($Varies) $5/$$2/$$$0 Dump ($) $20/$$6/$$$0 I think it funny that a nuclear power plant with it's tower destroyed can still employ over a thousand people to do nothing... for $100 an hour.
  11. When I destroyed my dump (loads of ground pollution), I cleaned it up by planting trees twice a day for a while (the trees die). Seems to work faster than a water filter, though it still takes a while. Now I just need to figure out how to clean up pollution from the meteor (lame!).
  12. Air Pollution Problems

    I can't decide if it's a bug or a feature. I think Maxis mentioned you can't just let pollution "blow off the map". My theory: if you allow pollution to blow off the map, it increases "regional" air pollution. High levels of regional pollution show up on every map in the region as random blobs and circles of air pollution appearing in your city.
  13. A global deliver truck will come once an hour for each trade depot you have, so make sure there's easy access from your trade depot to the highway. Depending on the price of processors (mine's $138k), you'd need to have ~12 trucks come each hour to hit 1.5 million. Personally, I think it's easier to build the trade HQ to get the trade port than building 12 trade depots; you'll need to save up enough goods to sell them rapidly. I enjoy the Consumer Electronics factory (though it pollutes massively). Each CE factory (fully upgrades) generates over a million dollars a day in profit, given the following: 1k processors cost $138k 1k plastic costs $12k 198k per 1k crates of TVs 1 processor + 1 plastic = 2 TVs ~$146k value add over raw materials Factory costs $3.6k per hour to operate Produces 9,600 crates of TVs a day (fully loaded)