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  1. How to plan for future traffic.

    So do you just take standard straight roads in from the highway at the start with normal intersections when your beginning. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the starting layout. I am coming from sim city 4 and the roads here feel much more expensive relative to the starting money compared to that game that I don't quite know how to set up a layout with such difficulty laying out the road network. The ways I have tried either uses standard intersections and get clogged up fast or they are very expensive with interchanges and I barely can stay afloat money wise.
  2. Hello everyone. So I apologize if this was answered elsewhere but I can't seem to find it. I just recently got into skylines and I am confused about something. Most of the ideas I have seen for dealing with traffic are great but they are expensive. So my question is how do you guys plan for future traffic issues when starting a new city? Do you just build cheap at first and then bulldoze to put in the needed infrastructure like DCMI's later or do you have some way of laying the groundwork at the start without bankrupting your city?