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    Train, bus, truck, and city simulation games.
  1. New Screenshots

    Very nice images. Many thanks for sharing.
  2. SimCity Beta.

    Thank you. I was wondering about it as well.
  3. I am also looking forward exploring all aspects of the game. Playing alone, with friends and players from the wonderful community here.
  4. Minecraft: funniest way you died

    I was mining one day and fell into a very deep hole that another miner had created. I died from hitting the ground.
  5. New Screenshots

    Very nice image. Looking forward to the release very much.
  6. Thank you very much. I will definitely go for the self build option. Indeed - it is much more fun, rewarding and significantly cheaper as well.
  7. What was your first ever game & your gaming history?

    My first ever game was Battlefield 1942, which I still play occasionally.
  8. Cities in Motion 2 Announced

    I have the previous one as well. Looking forward to CiM 2 release very much.
  9. Very nice and helpful review. Many thanks! Looking forward to the release very much.
  10. Well, my old pc has failed miserably the "Can you run it?" test. Definitely time to start saving for a new pc. Thanks to knowledgeable members, I will refer to this thread quite often before making my new pc purchase. Many thanks everyone for your suggestions and advices.
  11. Me too. That would be useful and cool as well.
  12. GTA V

    I am very excited about GTA V as well. Looking forward to the release very much.
  13. Oh, I see. I understand it now perfectly. Many thanks for the explanation.