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  1. Super Cash Park

  2. Announcing: Project Highrise (indie game)

    I am very much looking forward to this!
  3. SimCity Megacity Has Over 100 Million People Living In It

    My personal favorite on the video at 1:45 - "multiple rage quits".
  4. Hey there. Firstly, I'm not defending everything EA does. SC is pretty much the only game I play, except Mario games with my 5 year old son - we either play Super Mario World or Mario Kart some times. The reason I stand defending SC2013 is because in my opinion, its not terrible game, though it is portrayed as one. It's a fun game, with new twists on city building. I don't work for Maxis. I'm don't own shares in EA. I don't know why the maps were small. If were really serious in your inquiry, perhaps it's best to ask Dirk to have EA designers have a Q&A session (granted individuals are able to be professional and civil). Can you elaborate on trade bug? All trade I've done works. And yet, now they are deciding on offline. Does that mean they are losing money? Why give the customers what they have been expecting from the beginning, based on all previous versions, if something isn't inherently wrong with this particular version of the series? Especially given how many times they denied it could not be played offline. Simcity, based on all previous versions (which they heavily used to market this one), was a complex sandbox game, and once everybody experienced that, how could this new version even measure up to it - considering you have no control, as a player, and you used to have it? What player wants to pay more for less of what they had before? What type of business model is that?
  5. They know/knew what everyone wanted, when there was this huge outcry about online only. It's not like they really have to research what consumers want, we have told them over and over again. This is just another PR spin to make it seem like they are taking their time to listen to their consumers, when they should have done it in the first place.
  6. SimCity sold 1.6 million copies according to EA

    And yet, they still had to lay off 10% of their workforce. http://www.theverge.com/2013/5/8/4314408/ea-confirms-10-percent-of-staff-laid-off-in-major-restructuring
  7. EA Says SimCity 'Has Recovered From a Challenging Launch'

    If it has recovered, why the layoff of 10% of its staff? http://www.theverge.com/2013/5/8/4314408/ea-confirms-10-percent-of-staff-laid-off-in-major-restructuring
  8. Will Wright interested in games that intersect with players' lives

    Me, too - but, then I dragged the mouse to about the 3:56 mark and it started - I don't know why it is set up that way - but, see if it works for you.
  9. EA Acquires Exclusive Star Wars Game License

  10. Will Wright calls EA’s server problems “inexcusable”

    I'm aware of that. He sat down for an interview with Ocean Quigley and talked it up and they used it to try to legitimize this version of the game. He should've just kept quiet. When I watched that interview, did you notice Will Wright's reaction, where Ocean Quigley mentions, "it is like the game going off to college, etc." - WW's reaction, is very telling. He actually looks a little stunned that they would have to resort to that kind of tactic - slamming the old to sell the new. He doesn't say anything - but, a lot of communication is nonverbal (sorry, I have a psych degree). He is being gracious to them, however, really watch his reactions. He is the one who got it right the first time - he understands that it is the player who drives the success of a game and who "owns" it - and after watching how EA has tried to spin it with their talking heads coming out on the EA blogs with their arrogance, even when faced with the golden poo award TWICE in a row - I would be a little hard pressed to find anybody who would go up against this "type" of corporation (especially in full game promotion mode) and speak out/refuse, right then and there. Also, I see Will Wright, as kind of a someone who has a clinical eye, to the whole thing - he's involved, but, steps back, to be able to see the big picture, and that is why he can see it from the player's standpoint, and see where EA screwed up. If EA wouldn't listen to their own consumers, why in the world would they listen to the person who created the games, the very games they were trying to bash to sell this joke of a version? I honestly am glad that there are people, like you, who don't give up fighting for the game to be what it should have been, in the first place, so, I understand what you are saying. And I agree - however, I also see why he was there and I don't think he was outright endorsing it. like EA wanted us to think.
  11. This is exactly what happened and it is playing out right now.
  12. This I wholeheartedly agree on. It always starts at the top.