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  1. country road without crossing

    Thanks for the answers I think I have to switch to RHW for pretty solutions... Another question: Can anyone send me the newest INSTALLED and UNPACKED NAM-files and the updated files of patch EP1 Update 1 (Build 638)? A while ago I lost one of my two SC4-Deluxe-Discs, which means that I could not install SC4 on my new PC. I just copy&pasted the installation from my old PC to my new one (it worked really good!), and now the installation of the newest SC4-D-Patch fails because of missing registry-entries... PLEASE help me, I want to have the newest NAM!! ...otherwise I have to buy SC4-D again... EDIT: @flatron: I know these type of intersections, but that's not really what I want...
  2. country road without crossing

    I also don't like the RHW. That's why I'm searching exit ramps for the NAM. I just want to create intersections like the one in the picture.
  3. Hello community. Are there any downloads for country road exits without crossing? I mean exits like the one in the attached picture, but for country roads (and avenues, if possible), not for highways. Or can you show me a good tutorial for modelling streets if there is no download? Thank you