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  1. Go the Distance

    If the title is also a reference to Cake, <3
  2. LE won't let me change the building?

    Took some digging, but I found the updated version. http://www.simprograms.com/simcity/simcity-4/programs-simcity-4/
  3. LE won't let me change the building?

    That must be it, I have an older version. Way older. As in I'll look for the newer version and let ya know if that fixes it. Thanks for the help =D
  4. I'm still kinda $%&^!, but I've been spending the past week pouring over all of the tutorials for LE, BAT, and PM. I'd spent hours with the tutorial on gmax making my own CO building, only to find that when I open the Lot Editor and try to use said building, the LE won't let me remove the original CO building. I listed my new creation in the PM under the CO$$ tab, as the tutorial directed, opened the LE and selected a 3x2 lot (exactly what the tutorial used). This is where my LE differs from the tutorial's LE. The tutorial directs you to click 'replace building' to get your custom building on the lot, but there is no 'replace building' button under the building tab here for me. Only 'replace family', which upon clicking only provides about 15 or so giant 16x24 and up sized buildings, so I can't even replace the building with another Maxis building of the same size, let alone my own building. You can imagine my dismay after spending the better part of a day designing this building (which was the EXACT same as the tutorial's building), only to find that I can't get it into the game- especially when I'm following the tutorial verbatim. It won't let me replace the building on ANY lot. I tried categorizing my custom building in PM under EVERY RCI categorie, and tried EVERY lot in those respective categories with a 3x2 lot size, and nothing. Still can't get my building on a lot. I'd read on a thread that you can't change buildings of original dat files, and that the building must first be saved (save, not save as) to put that lot in your plugin folder so you can edit it, closing out and restarting the program, loading the new save, but LE still won't give me the button to replace a building. I'm beating my head against the wall here!!! Please tell me I'm a dumb $%&^! and I'm missing something! Please help!!!!
  5. BAT Essentials Part 4

    The "replace building" button is not on my 'buildings' tab. all it shows is 'add family'. Tried SEVERAL different lots and same problem. Any ideas?