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  1. The problem is solved.... I whent to catalyst control center and turned off anti aliasing. Thanks
  2. when I update the ATI drive to 12.4 it still says that the version is 10.5
  3. I've installed Simcity 4 on windows 7 32bit (not the deluxe version) and updated to the latest version. The problem that i´m having is that, I can´t see any cars, people, clouds, waves, windmills, animals etc... (all animations) . when I click and drag to build a road it doesnt show the road before being built, and the zones have the same problem, so I can´t see how I want them to be but once its placed it shows. When I scroll all of the animations apear but just for a second or two and then it disappears. This problem is when I have it in hardware mode. When I change to software mode I can see all the animations( car, people, animals etc...) but the screen doesn´t stop flashing. I run the game in high settings, resolution is the highest the game originaly handles 1600..... Tried changing the graphic settings of the game, colour to 16 and 32, changed compatible mode to xp etc..., no improvement. I have ati drives they are updated to 10.5 tried updating it to 12.4 but it still shows 10.5 after the installation, 3.16 ghz, and 4 gb of memory, (hope the terms are correct. don´t know a alot about it) The game runs very smoth, no crashes, I hear all the traffic noise and people. just no animations! Any solutions? Thanks