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  1. I almost said something about quantum computing
  2. Most of this is accurate except for the ( Being along time from now ) ( Intel is thinking a 64 core phone will be done from 10 to 15 year's from now. )
  3. Umzzz I found an issue ;D If you change a .txt file to a .SC4Model file it ' converts it ' It randomly generated the White House! :) Hehe, Happy April!
  4. 4-to-13 = any file with the name .SC4Model is ' converted ' LOL

    1. TheRage500


      It gave me the White House from a .txt file, All I had todo was 1 simple step : 1 : change .txt Tooooooo .SC4Model! Happy April!

  5. 4-to-13 Plugin Converter

    Hold on guys! Why dose it have an april fools box popup at the end of ' converting ' ............  - sad panda... -
  6. *Facepalm* SC2013 logic : Tin cans turn into pure gold.

    1. Cottoncandy Cyanide
    2. Lot Creator
    3. Jim14409


      or..."You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."

  7. Easy Disaster Unlock Mod

    This unlocks ALL disaters?? COOL!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Any chance of automatic unlocking? like not having todo anything? Just wondering
  8. Neeeed to ruin city with disastersss * cant because no reversing saves ahhhh !!!?! * Sad panda.

  9. 2013 users are online. LOL o.O

    1. ROFLyoshi


      Illuminati, NWO, government conspiracy. It's all there!!!! :P

  10. Looks like SC13 Might turn out tobe a good game if offline/modding gets going :)

  11. Haha the server thing just keeps getting worse and worse! Good thing the offline petion has nearly 20,000 signatures :)

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    2. TheRage500
    3. TheRage500


      I'm starting to lose hope in the game, at first I was like yeahh they'll get offline mode ( MAYBE ) or private server... ( Not sure we're allowed to talk about that here? ) but now they have removed cheeta speed, ugh.

    4. TheRage500


      I guess the cheeta mode wont be disabled permenantly. however thats spelled.

  12. Community Interviews Maxis: Part 1

    Don't think I'll be buying this on day one anymore.... ' Players do not have control of placing roads, rail and waterways; these are predetermined by the region. ' Forced online play was bad enough... but THIS?!
  13. A glimpse inside the GlassBox engine

    Oh thank god they brought back zoning! Although the houses look weird.. But I know this is just the beguining, so for now its fine.