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  1. Why do we play this game?

    I agree with everyone's positive comments 1000% Its only gonna get better!
  2. I pre orderded it. Not happy with all the bugs and the city tile size. I still think its a good game. I really like the art style and the tilt shift affect. I think its a good foundation and I think its going to be a lot better as time goes on. Its only the begining.
  3. SimCity PR Nightmare Escalates

  4. Discussion about City Tile Size

    f-8 @antoniopaiva1 @kythlyn I can't give you promises - but we know lots of people want bigger landscapes to build on. — Ocean Quigley (@oceanquigley) February 3, 2013
  5. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Axton Shoagan ‏@boyjanoskiantor @oceanquigley Hey Ocean, I Was just wondering what would the largest city tile size be? The Large City size in SC4 would be perfect! Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More 4 FebOcean Quigley ‏@oceanquigley @boyjanoskiantor For release, 2k x 2k. My long term vision is to have cities the size of an entire region, but that's going to take a while! Hide conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More 2RETWEETS 3FAVORITES 5:04 PM - 4 Feb 13 · Details 4 FebAxton Shoagan ‏@boyjanoskiantor @oceanquigley That would be awesome and thanks for all the hardwork you and the team have put in, The games looking great Expand
  6. Discussion about City Tile Size

    I played the beta for 21 hours over the weekend. I was also skeptical and disappointed about the 2x2 km tile size. I'm from San Diego,CA and i love creating suburban sprawled cities with crazy freeway systems in simcity 4. I like to build very dense single family master planned residential communities. After playing the beta i was hooked. The graphics were great. I Love the tilt shift affect. I played with it on to the max and with it off. I prefer the tilt shift to the fullest. It really didn't feel as small as it looks. Being able to zoom into street level and looking at the city 360 degrees like your standing on a rooftop of a building is awesome The night lighting was great. The rain was cool. The Road tools are awesome. Instead of having to build another power plant being able to add on to the existing buildings is cool. I know there's still bugs and other issues they need to iron out but I was totally impressed and satisfied with the game. It was only one tile we were able to play. Imagine playing 16 all interconnected? I hate the fact that there's gaps between each city and the highway and rail networks are already pre laid out but I think there's a whole lot of other things that make up for that. Its only going to get better over time and I feel this is a great foundation for whats to come. It took years for simcity 4 to become what it is now. I feel this is going to be another great simcity and I love the direction that maxis is going with it. Just give it a chance, its only the beginning.