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  1. I did unzip it where it said in the <user>\Documents\SimCity4\Plugins but whenever I use the BSC Cleanitol dependency checker it says that it doesn't exist that it is missing. It is not the only thing I am missing that I think should be there.... Healz.
  2. I seem to be having a major problem in that I have downloaded the files from that source but every time I go into the cleanup program it keeps saying they are missing. I have them in the correct place it says so I don't know why...
  3. GM Holden Ute - AUS

    Yes, and also perhaps later they could be converted into Australian Police Cars. Perhaps even a Queensland Police Car, although they are pretty generic and even some Highway Patrol cars which are painted bright colours like the yellow and the green.   Pity there isn't a mission and you never see the police pulling up speedsters in Simcity...   Healz.
  4. Helicopter sound silencer

    Actually, what about a mod where in game it can switch off and on different sounds from a side panel or something?