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  1. A few questions about city planning

    Manufacturing industry should definitely be given a break; I don't recommend taxing it out of the city like I might for dirty industry. Manufacturing industry is quite separate from dirty industry in my opinion – while it produces some pollution, it doesn't give off near as much as dirty industry. Plus, manufacturing is a great way to get jobs in your city if you're in a bind and cannot successfully manipulate commercial's demand in your favor. It probably won't provide jobs for high-wealth residents, but it can definitely fulfill jobs for low and medium wealth residents. Manufacturing requires very little to move in and has decent benefit. Dirty industry, on the other hand, should definitely be taxed high in my opinion and their development should be discouraged. Too much pollution (air and water) and too little benefit. The only good thing that I've noticed is that once you raise taxes on them insanely, they almost never move out like residential or commercial would – they just seem to suffer through the increase in taxes. So, then again, it may be a good strategy to place certain sectors of dirty industry in your city (in places away from your commercial and residential development) before increasing taxes on them – if you have steady numbers coming in from dirty industry, it may help you if your monthly income is beginning to get in the red. On the other topics discussed, I second most of what has already been said. How much dirty industry are we talking before we load on the taxes? I got the SPAM. Didn't get the farm controller, thanks for pointing that out. Alright. It sure seems like a lot of the screenshots on here require a lot more precise planning... I'll keep that in mind; I have a tendency to build the big city feel before its time.
  2. A few questions about city planning

    Mhm... My current mods right now are the NAM, SAM, RAM, NWM, NDEX, BSC Mega Props, realistic water, and a slope mod. (I understand that very many of those probably overlap in purposes, lol) Ah. That's a good idea. Probably better than mine right now at least which is leaving one side of a road blank so I can fill the other side once I choose to build the avenue. I'll probably try that now, unless I get some massive skyscraper on the side of a road. Also, I think I can recall zoning a few 4 tile commercial zones that would never have buildings move in... Do the 4 tiles reduce desirability? Hm... But side by side one-way roads are cheaper than avenues... Should I just start building those side by side instead of avenues now, then? Sounds like a good plan, especially considering their striking appearances on the region screen. Ooh, those fishies, er, I mean screenshots, look pretty! I'll bite. Parks, supertaxes, got it. I tend to tax the dirty/manufacturing the same at about 12-14%, but I guess giving the manufacturing a break and the dirty a kick in the teeth isn't a bad idea either. And on all the other answers I didn't respond to... Just pretend I said "thanks!"
  3. Coming back to this brilliant game after installing a few mods, but this time I don't really want to quit. I've built extravagant cities in the past: with upwards of 50,000 population (on a medium grid), high tech industry, 85% medium and high wealth, and tons of other cool stuff. I've downloaded quite a few good mods, some I'm impressed with and some that could be better, and now I'm really just in the mood to unleash my game. If you fell intimidated by all my questions, just answer a few please. 1: Traffic planning. My cities in the past have had traffic problems being the biggest annoyance. I tend to lean towards avenues the most, due to their convenience and simplicity in planning. But, I've looked at a few screenshots that utilize other things: Highways, 1-way-roads, elevated rails, and even monorails. I've never really used these much, partially because of their expense, and partially because I honestly cannot understand how to utilize them effectively. I need some advice on this, and a few questions upfront. Do you plan where you'll build you avenues, 1-way roads, etc from the start or do you just experiment one you need it? I hate watching my buildings get torn up because I have to expand a road into where they are (which is why I use subways more), but it is a good idea to kill a few buildings to fix some more? How do one-way-roads actually work? When should I use them? Where should I build my highways? I know that a road cannot be connected to them so I can't just run over my vital avenues. Are they even worth the cost they take to build? When are elevated rails even an option over subways or monorails? 2. Other transportation Seaports, ferries, marinas, how necessary is all this? I sometimes find my ferries to be at drastically low usage, are they simply negligible? How useful are passenger trains? Or freight trains? Should I keep them even when my city gets really big? When should I first build an airport? 3: Managing industry. I tend to build farms in the birth of my cities. I dislike how the over expansion of dirty & manufacturing sectors gives your city a Detroit style appeal, and all the pollution along with it. Is it always better to build your farms as tiny as possible? Do they provide the same jobs/freight/pollution as large farms? (Also, on a side note, a mod giving better farm aesthetics would be cool) When is the best time to start building high tech industries? How can I expand high tech industry more? On some occasions, I'll build a small lot reserved for high tech and tear down any industrial/manufacturing buildings that pop up there. Is this a good idea? (or is there a mod that reserves industrial plots for high tech...) How bad is bad air pollution? I know it lowers desirability, but is it smarter to build natural gas power plants over coal? 4: High wealth population and money managing Getting wealthy sims hasn't exactly been a struggle for me in the past, but I'm just wondering, what triggers their appearance? How can I balance the amount of $$ commercial jobs versus my $$ residents? Is having good health/education very necessary to having high wealth citizens? Should I build those museums, colleges, high schools, and universities? How balanced should my budget be? Should I try to keep it above a set amount, or just be borderline broke with a growing city? Is +2000$ a month good at a 40,000 pop or so city? When should I not build the casinos, military bases, etc? Yeah, that may be a bit lengthy, but that's all I can summon up at the moment. I might come up with more questions later. So, for those as eager to answer as I am to ask, go ahead. For others, any link to an online guide of SC4 would be appreciated as well, thanks!
  4. NAM General Support Topic

    Um, hi. First post here, came for the modding community and I downloaded what seemed to be the most popular, NAM. Not sure if this is where I should leave feedback, buuuut... I'll do it anyways. Don't think me new to the game itself, been playing it unmodded for more than 6 years. I honestly find the NAM mod to be drastically inconvenient. It's scrolled through these tens of different textures using TAB, which gives it no ability to scroll back to the one before; the prices of the individual pieces are poorly put into place, each having something of a generic price of 100; the new streets are unable to auto-adjust to each other as the built-in ones do... all in all, rendering it tedious and time consuming to actually use this, though I'd love to actually get a proper taste of it if I could. Is there some kind of mod that repairs NAM's function to make it more convenient and functional in actual game play? Thanks.