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  1. NAM General Support Topic

    I totally forgot to link to this set. It includes stations for Tram-in-Road and Tram-on-Road. And this one is for Tram-on-Streets. WOW that is a lot of work other users have put into improving the gaming experience. Once again big thank you. I will check the downloads you linked me to. Maybe later on when I am satisfied of its look I will post photos of my region. I will have to give credit to a lot of people then.
  2. NAM General Support Topic

    You do need to get stations for the GLR network. They are not included in the NAM. The RTMT set can be found here and the Addon set here. There are other stations available. You might search the STEX for GLR Stations. Also, make sure you have the correct drive-side component of NAM installed. Improper files could cause rail networks not to function. Fantastic! Thanks CaptCity, I finally have tram running. I don't see them on the city view but I verified with the traffic volume control. It is just too bad there are only GLR station on avenues, I guess my tram on street ways will only be for the "pittoresque" . Thanks again.
  3. NAM General Support Topic

    Hello, I have recentky installed the NAM and have redesigned part of my town. Being from Europe I was really excited with the possibility to create a old style downtown with a tramway running through avenues. However after spending countless hours learning how to put the puzzle pieces together to complete my mini network I was disappointed to realize that no tramways were actually running. My sims do use public transportation, but only the bus. How can I fix it? What stops should I use for my sims to get on and off the tram system? Thank you who could help me.