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  1. Sim City 4 multimonitor error

    I have tried Linux in the past and I don't want to use it.
  2. Sim City 4 multimonitor error

    When a game has large compatibility issues with new hardware. It's one of the reasons I would consider it old. What with the hardware render issue with newer cards. I think it might not be the program, it might be SLI in general. Perhaps if I get an AMD card and span it might work. Oh well, another reason for saving for a 7950.
  3. Sim City 4 multimonitor error

    I figured it might have been because the game is incredibly old. However I saw it done so I figured it might work through tweaking SOMETHING. I'm using three monitors, though back then it might have been considered that many.
  4. Usually my first response to a problem is to google it, but countless forum threads in other forums and in this one haven't provided any help. When trying to run Sim City at 5670x1080 it gives me an error "Hardware Driver Error: Could not initialize Direct Draw", then a black screen, then crashing. Has anyone else encountered this problem? And this there a way to fix this? I've seen multimonitor Sim City before, but it doesn't seem to work even with the resolution flags and setting render to software only. I'm using these flags. -CustomResolution:enabled -r5760x1080x32 -CPUCount:1 -f -intro:off And I'm also running using Steam, but I don't see a problem with that either. If there's a solution that would be wonderful since I would love to play a city over a gigantic panorama.
  5. SFBT Highway Bridge Construction Set by Spocky

    [quote][color=#323232][size=2]All lots can be found in the airport menu (it's almost the only menu that isn't overcrowded yet ;-) ).[/size][/color] [/quote] Looks like someone hasn't been using the RMIP lots.
  6. ACB VLT Terminals and Jets Series 1 part 2

    Part 2 works for me fine.