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  1. City Update with more Great Advice!

    Let me get this clear for all of you, I AM NO EXPERTAT SIM CITY! In fact Sim City 4 was my first game I have in the awesome series. So don't ask me incredibly hard questions. I was so bad at this game when I first got it that I had to redo about ten whole cities. Now I get to what I'm supposed to be talking about. My city is currently at 201,094 people and I'm expanding my transportation systems. My World Trade Center has three buildings and a beatiful plaza. Because I downloaded these buildings, my CO$$$ demand droped greatly. So I destroyed the buildings and lowered the taxes to 0.5. Soon I got three new and large CO$$$ skyscrapers. Hope this advice helps. Thanks for reading.
  2. Quality Transportation Advice!

    My main city has been going from 190,000 to 205,000 and I face unemployment problems in my newer buildings. Most of the time they say, " Abandoned due to commute time." Well if your facing this issue in your cities, listen up. Once your city reaches a population of about 50,000 to 100,000, it's time to create an elevated rail or monorail system. Whem your city reaches about 120,000 to 150,000 in population, create both systems in your city. Then when you are facing unemployment and commute time problems, extend one or both of those systems out into other cities until there is one system in the entire region. Other systems such as buses and subways should be built early in the stages of your city's development. Railroads should be built when your city reaches around 20,000 to 50,000 in population and/ or when industrial frieght trips are too long.
  3. City Reaches 200,000!

    Sorry trying to get them to work.
  4. City Reaches 200,000!

    Today my city has reached the population of 200,000 people. Sadly, I'm still facing commute issues. My city currently has 201,115 people in its area. My World Trade Center is halfway complete with 3 of 5 buildings. I turned most of my streets in downtown in to roads so traffic could move more smoothly. I also added more subway stations which were part of my commute time issue. I also added another private school and I soon plan to bring the subway system into other parts of the city. Now for my tip. If you are having commute time issues, check the efficency of your mass transit systems. For good mass transit systems, you need a bus stop and a subway station next to each other on every second block and a elevated train station and/or a monorail station on every third or fourth block. Along with high capacity roads and avenues, your people in your city have a variety of transportation methods and traffic is a breeze. Thanks for reading! Simson 13
  5. Thanks! Now here's some advice!

    Thanks for the advice! The city is now so close to reaching 200,000 people. Its current population in 193,973. Now here's some advice. With these tips, I fixed my city. High-tech industry promotes commercial offices to grow. Another tip is that if your starting a city, start small. Zone all three types low wealth at first and then slowly expand and make the zones more wealthy. This will make the footstep to a big, successful city. Thanks for the advice and reading this post.
  6. Poor Demand! SOS!

    [quote name='SC4Dictator' timestamp='1305323031'] First of all, try reading [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/omnibus/_/simcity-4/reference/demand-desirability-and-abandonment-r31"]this...[/url] I have played SimCity since about 20 years now (back in the good ole days when thar be no numbers behind the beasts title [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/%3C#EMO_DIR#>/9.gif[/img]), and i was getting the hang of it, even generating some profit, until SC4. Anyways, that guide should give you some tips and pointers. Can't give you any more useful tips myself though, since that is a fairly complete guide, and i have long ago forsaken the whole idea of building an honest city (ya know, without haxing in a lot of money and artificially boosting demand) and gone for a more planological way of building, with wich i still have to take in account desirability etc. a lot more than one might think (wich is a good thing). Anyways I am working up to start my own CJ in wich a lot will be explained of this wich has nothing to do with your question, so just read the guide, and good luck and lots of fun building your cities... [/quote] Thanks for the advice.
  7. A highway change

    I understand the diffculty with mountains. It really stinks!
  8. Poor Demand! SOS!

    I have been playing my game for about five years and my largest city was only 46,000 people in it. Today my largest city has 185,000 people in it, but I have recently hit a dead end. My city is in decline and it has poor commercial demand, but very high residential demand. So every time I have a new skyscraper pop up from the ground, the people abandon ship and the building becomes worthless and black. I have downloaded two buildings to give my city around 13,000 more jobs, but my high wealth CO$$$ demand goes LOWER! In my city there's a subway system in downtown, there's a bus stop system across the entire area, there's an elevated rail system across the area, there's a monorail system in downtown, there's a ferry system, highways, about 20 bridges, and all of these plazas and landmarks and unlockable that are supposed to help demand. I have lowered taxes in the city and neighboring cities so that I can have better demand, but they all aren't working. So I have come to downloading buildings, but demand just goes lower. Can you guys give me advice? SOS!